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  1. So guys I started using differin on forehead and it totally cleaned my skin but then I decided to use it on cheek so I tested on my area to see if it gets worse or not but it got worse so I decided not to use on cheek I dont have acne on cheek just tiny pimples just wondering which medecine is good for it that dont make it worse? And im also on doxydar heres the pic tho REDISH area is tested one Sorry for alot of pics at once idk how it happened anyways sorry
  2. (EDITED) THIS IS DIFFERIN JOURNEY well i am using Differin already on forehead its been 3 days so far lol no breakout but i am scared ... tell your stories about differin ? and how long will it take TO BOOM kill that pimples?? my target is 3-4 months because i have to met my GF after 6 months after long time and i dont wanna look bad... soooooo i hope everything goes well im scared... um.... idk what else to say :/
  3. Yes it stoped any new pimples from coming doctor said old ones are almost all gone I have whiteheads on forehead tho and she said I can quit it but thing is she given me differin I didnt told her I used differin because I got scared when people say it makes your skin worse Anyone else can help me on if I quit doxy will I break out and how to prevent it ?
  4. For me, products with Witch Hazel have worked but not 100%. But they seem to work better than other topical products You could also try a cream with sulphur in it. That works for me too. alright! i dont have acne anymore its just tiny old pimples and old whiteheads on foreheadi hope witch hazel works any idea on how to taking doxy so i dont get my acne worse anyway what should i use (anything else witch hazel) that will get rid of pimples without making it worse like differin hmm? because
  5. DAY 11 i went to derma and she said my skin is much clearer no new pimples coming old ones are going and she said i can stop doxy but im afraid i will breakout... guys why do you say ive heard we should stop slowly to prevent that um how ? any one tell how slow any explaination? and what should i use after this? witch hazel? or something else? but my another question should i use this medecine for more long like 2 months??
  6. Thanks everyone im currently on day 9 of doxycycline heard we may breakout but I dont think I have breakout yes some tiny pimples came but it's not that bad um I hope it works well
  7. Okay now im sticking with doxy for now and use cetaphil face wash... im now starting my 2nd week I hopee it works!!
  8. So what do u say should I continue ... ? Problem is I clear skin but 1 more pimple grow I think because of clogged pores and some tiny pimples and also I have whiteheads on forehead reason I went to derma.... so can u tell should I this or is there any other thing u suggest?
  9. Okay i dont have alot of pimples ( i have many whiteheads on forehead) and 2 pimples on cheek but also alot of tiny like 4 or 5 I went to derma she told me to use Doxycylicine and Differin but currently i am on 5th day of doxy i can't say anything i got 1 pimples but its going away now... i didn't use differin because of people saying dont use it it makes your acne worse also i saw people saying don't use doxycylcine because it also makes your acne worse is that true?? please te
  10. Yes im currently taking doxycyline Derma gave me and its my 5thday heard it gives initial breakout Its ok I can handle it but will it really stop acne ?
  11. okay i have odered witch hazel but you know it does not clean acne! i am looking for medicine that does 100% clean it and does not give breakouts cause i have important work in 3 months help!
  12. To be honest its not worse acne its like 2 pimples and few tiny pimple on cheek So i odrered witcg hazel so my question is will it cure white heads and pimples 100%?