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  1. Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing on the very first picture on page 1? It's pretty cool.
  2. Got hold on 2.5% now so gonna try that in a couple of days while trying to apply as little as possible. After some days off BP skin is back to normal in terms of moistness.
  3. Taking a break from the bp atm. Think I need to get the 2.5 and some jojoba oil like you say, Aldo. I've heard of people who have lizard skin way into month 2, yikes. But you are right, I might have used a little to much benzoyl peroxide.
  4. I've never used BP before, but chose to try it and tried for 2 days with 5% BP (only night, with lots of cerave moisturaizer afterwards) and it didn't really irritate my skin. Today (2nd day) my skin was just really dry that i needed to moisturaize it 3 times! I didn't bother anymore and washed my face and moisturaized, but the dryness/flakes didn't go away and my skin is still dry and peeling! Help me should I try jojoba oil or just let my face rest? Help please
  5. Anyone else know the feeling of anger because of a sudden breakout when things where going great skin wise? My skin was literally perfect 3 days ago, then I started breaking out; cheeks, nose, forehead - the whole package. My skin have been so great/calm for the last 7 months and now this.. I haven't changed anything skin-care wise or anything. I hope this just is a periodic breakout.
  6. I'll be getting some 2.5% bp in a couple of days, but right now I only have 5% bp at hand. So my question is; can i use the 5% bp for a week and then switch back to 2.5% without hurting anything?