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  1. I recently started using an acne treatment products by Alpha Mane Skin Treatment. And so far I'm seeing some good results. I do understand what mrsrobinson said about "..what works for one, does not work for another". This is completely true when it comes to dealing with acne. Then again, that thought process will discourage you or anyone from trying anything new. I had read nothing but good things about what they offer for acne. And that's why i decided to give it a try. So far, no regrets. Lik
  2. I'm happy to report that I've seen positive results from using Alpha Mane's acne treatment products! WooHoo!!! If anyone's interested you can use code GETMANE to get 10% off from their website. I used the code when I ordered mine. Not sure if its still active but you can try. Here's a link to their acne page : http://www.razorbumpcream.com/product-category/skin-treatment/acne/ . Good luck everyone
  3. I been using Alpha Mane's acne treatment regimen religiously for a few weeks now, and so far I'm seeing some great results. This was a personal challenge that I'm glad I started (I'll be posting more updates on my progress here. Pics coming soon). I had tried just about everything in the market, but nothing helped. This is why I went all in with this product (didn't have much to loose). I got mine on amazon, but you can visit their page online here >> http://www.razorbumpcream.com/produc
  4. I also suggest seeing a dermatologist. I would suggest a few products that I used, but I'm not sure if it will help because your case seems more severe than mine was.
  5. I totally understand how you feel. I've had acne for years now, and have tried so many products that never did what they promised. I'm currently using a product that seems to be working (so far). I can provide an update once I'm 100% certain. Hang in there
  6. I totally agree with you @Acneficent. I have an oily skin, but I have not made much changes to my diet, hobbies etc.
  7. Their acne oil contains rosehip seed oil, geranium oil, lavender oil & carrot seed oil. And I dont believe there's any alcohol in the toner. They say its 100% organic, which is what I really like about it. I use both the toner and the green tea cleanser before applying the oil. But my progress has been great so far. I'm seeing some awesome results.
  8. Thanks for your response. I actually went ahead and purchased their acne kit a couple of weeks ago. And I've been using it since then. So far I'm getting some good results. *excited*
  9. Can anyone recommend a product I can use for my acne? I was going to get the acne.org regimen, but its a little pricey for me right now. Please share what product(s) worked for you?
  10. I have heard of or used Mino. I would suggest going with whatever the doc prescribed. Once you try that, then you'll see if it works for you. I know I've been prescribed so many but none have really worked. I think our skin reacts differently to various acne treatments out there. If you do use Mino, please post updates so I can look more into it. Good luck
  11. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm still trying to figure out which products to use. I'll definitely look into your recommended products
  12. My room mate speaks highly of Alpha Mane's Acne treatment kit. I'm not sure if they ship to the Philippines or not. Here is their acne page http://www.razorbumpcream.com/product-category/acne/ Good luck
  13. Hi, I'm a 23 ur old senior in college. I've had trouble with acne since I can remember. Over the years I've tried several treatment options and products in the market with no real solution. My roommate who had severe acne said she used an acne treatment kit by Alpha Mane skin treatments. She is now acne free (I'm so jealous). She says their products aren't harsh on the skin and it can be used on all skin types. Has anyone else used their products? I see some reviews out there about their produ