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  1. From looking at the pics on their website, looks like she had done a really good job!
  2. Hi oran, Glad to hear finally you have done 25 excision for your scars, I hope you'll see a great result!! I'm happy with my result too, still have redness but slowly faded. Good luck with your healing, keep us update with your progress! I used 2% hydroquinone, my dermatologist just prescribed 4% hydroquinone, will start to use it now. I have pm the details
  3. Thanks blahblah. I just want a skin that I'm happy with, not a perfection cause like you said earlier, that still out of reach. I attached before and after picture, that's my current pic, I have tried turmeric mask, aloe vera, hydroquinone, it help a bit but I'm really impatience, lol. I had redness after needling, so I stopped needling. Do you think peeling will help with redness?
  4. Thanks for ur advice! I think right now I have to focus to get rid redness first. I tried not to think about my skin too much but it's hard. My scars have improved but I'm really desperate to improve my skin texture. I have read about glycolic acid peel to help with redness, what do u guys think? I'm a bit terrified cause there possibilities I would make thing worse.
  5. Excision have helped my scars but my skin doesn't look smooth, thought that dermabrasion will help improve my skin texture. But from what you mentioned above, sounds too risky. I know my skin would never be perfect, I'm desperate to have "normal" skin. What can I do to improve my skin texture?
  6. I post some pics, 1st pic I have make up on and on 2nd pic without any make up on. Still have this uneven skin texture, I hope I'll get improvement from dermabrasion.
  7. Thanks missamua! Excision improved pitted scars, but I still have this uneven skin texture. I'll schedule for dermabrasion, still debating whether I'll do spot dermabrasion or full face. I think icepick and boxcar scars respond well with excision. Subcision and filler work well for rolling scars, I don't know whether you can do excision for rolling scar, I might be wrong though. Best of luck!
  8. I took low dose Accutane, 10mg/day, I waited for 1 year before excision. Redness fade after 1 month.
  9. I took low dose Accutane, 10mg/day for 3 months, I waited for 1 year before excision. Redness fade after 1 month.
  10. Hey attwater20, I'm back! Sorry for slow response, been really busy lately Those track marks are hardly noticeable now but still have some redness, I tried turmeric and aloe vera mask, will see how it goes, finger crossed! Recently, I've been doing needling in some scars that didn't get excise, I think it work, some indentation now become more like a linear scars and some level up with the rest of skin, will see the result a month from now. If it worked then I wouldn't need 2nd excision a
  11. No, I'm Indonesian No, I'm Indonesian You are pretty. I'm mixed race Chinese and Indonesian. Thanks Lenar, u made my day )
  12. Hey everyone.. Sorry it has been awhile after my last update, I tried to put some make up on , I don't like to put make up cause it make my scars more prominent but now after excision it look much better with make up on
  13. Hi oran.. So your surgeon said that the redness will be fade in time, my surgeon said the same, I know I shouldn't worry too much but couldn't help myself not to..lol..but thanks anyway.. poppy does your surgon see international patients do you think he was good where are u based cause its impossible to get a good plastic surgon here in the uk to do excision. Do you believed this can also be done on small ice picks or not. Yes excision can be done for icepick and boxcar scar. I'm based in Indo
  14. Thanks for the info.. I've been massaging my surgery scar, it works with new scar cause still in healing process. I'll keep massaging my scar!