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  1. I don't have many old photos of when my acne was bad (obvious reasons lol). But for the last year I'd say I only had one or two pimples on my face at a time along with one HUGE one on my neck which always seemed to reappear in a new place once that one went away. My problem was mostly redness from overwashing for so many years, thats why I decided to try this. Its now been a full month, I never got the dead skin mask (dead skin did flake off when I splashed water on my face but nothing bad a
  2. I just wanted to share my success story with the Caveman Regimen so far. About me: 21 year old male, started getting acne when I was probably 13 or 14, tried basically every acne cleanser possible including proactiv. These worked for a while, but as I got out of my teen years I started to realize the only acne I still had might be because I do too much to my skin. Every morning and night I would wash with salicylic acid wash, followed by toner and salicylic acid moisturizer, and this just g