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  1. High sebum production and or oily face has nothing to do with acne. I have friends with way more oily face's than mine and yet i'm the pizza face. I don't buy the water retention issue either, if anything drinking lot's of water has helped my face more than anything the derm gave me besides accutane.
  2. Karma just might come around to bite him in the ass for making fun of people with acne. He is still pretty young and not out of the danger ages for acne,i didn't start breaking out and had perfect skin until 18 allmost 19, i'm 28 now and have had them ever since.
  3. I'm a guy that's been fortunate enough to have been with two woman that were able to overlook my mild acne. It's very possible to have SEX with ACNE!! Just have to find good open minded people wich can be hard as hell.
  4. You could have been more original instead of useing a saying from a t.v commercial.
  5. I took ampicillin for a lymph node infection i had a few years back, while i was on it my face cleared up nicely.
  6. Blatantly Right!! so those fumes i inhale everyday on my drive to work from other cars just go right into my body and have zero affect on me?(in a dream world maybe) Benzine is a toxic chemical that's the byproduct of combustion of gasoline and is potent well known carcinogenic toxin,and there's more than just benzine in it. Some food preservatives are well known for being carcinogenic also,like msg for example. Does that also go into my body and have and just bounce off with no effect? Maybe in
  7. But if treatment is supposed to be so good now according to Elaphant max what differance does it make how old she was? And i never said cancer was new, the doctors themselves though say it his trippled in the amount of cases the last 20 years and not just in older people. It's just going to get worse the longer humans live far out of touch with what nature intended,it's a warning.
  8. "Elephant max, it's killing you now by producing cancer cells in humans like no other time in history."<-blatantly wrong.
  9. I'll put down the cell phone and walk away from the computer screen and toss my car key's in the trash when everyone else does, and grow and farm my own food. But until mankind is ready to go back to nature (wich will never happen) i'm forced to live and own a car in order to survive in this chemical filth i'm in. I have no choice but to be in a big city at this time. I could live without it all this modern day bs, i have before many years ago when i lived out in the country for five years wic
  10. I agree, it's sickening how separated from nature mankind is getting. It's like these company's think we can't fucking live without all these synthetic chemicals, and they put insane amounts in damn near every product you can buy when there are many natural alternatives they could use instead. Mankind did just fine without all these chem's for ten's of thousands of years by useing just what nature provided, there should be very few reasons if at all for the use of synthetic chemicals.
  11. I have these,but they only appear in a patch on just one part of my face. I have grabbed onto them with a pair if tweasers and pulled some out and looked at them and i think there a type of blackhead that's worked there way out of the pore becouse they look just like a popped blackhead, just these little flesh ball things when there all the way out. Also there is never a hair in them and they don't hurt to pull so there not hair related.
  12. I'm willing to be very flexable here. It may indeed not be dna damage that's past down from generation to generation, it just might be how well a person's body can handle the bombardment of dna damaging agent's from the time there born that determines when and if they will get acne. Whatever the method and source may be, i think acne must be linked to some sort of dna damage happening somehow.
  13. Your right evolution/mutation is not allway's a bad thing when it happens naturally, but i see it as a problem when you bring it upon yourself by means of dna damaging chemicals and radiation from whatever unnatural source over a period of less than 200 years wich is a very short ammount of time evolutionary speaking. irradiated foods my not have any detectable radiation, but the food matter itself has been augmented from it's natural state.there has been studies on irradiated foods and found
  14. As a person who has been living with acne for 11 years and a longtime supporter of natural medicine and healing through diet/holistic means to cure oneself of ailments, i think now acne can only be controlled by these means and not cured. Same for mainstream medicine. I now think acne is genetic but not how you might think it is, not at the fault of your parents but mankind as a whole for allowing itself to over pollute our daily lives. My new theory is that acne is caused by dna/cell damage fro
  15. I believe your right, bacteria is not what causes acne, if that was the case everyone would have it. There's some other factor at work for people with acne and bacteria is most likely just something that complicates acne wich is why antibiotics work short term until the bacteria become resistant.