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  1. Honestly I think you should use a soap that has a lower pH. most soaps out there have a pH reading of 9-11. Thats too high for the skin. And the sad reality is a lot of the acne ingredients like SA are ineffective in some of the cleansers bc the pH of the product makes it that way. Ive noticed just using water only is better than using most soaps. I would aim for a soap that is less than 6pH. here is a list that might help. http://healthyskin.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a...52/m/6360069385
  2. Long story short had bacne for years. Finished accutane last april. Now my back is clear. Problem was though at the end of the course my butt started to break out. Couldn't believe it since I have never had trouble there. I was so happy to be clear of bacne and now this. It was like one problem to another. I was to embarrassed to tell my derm. And also I felt like "damn I'm already on accutane why am I breaking out like this in place I never do?" So I tried clearing it by myself. Regular ac
  3. Hey everyone. I'm back to report that my body acne is 100% clear as well as my face. I owe it to the accutane. I was on it for a total of 7 months. Its been about a month and half since being off it and I'm still maintaining clear skin. My derm said my oil levels will go back up. But how much he doesn't know. He said if I'm fortunate they will stay at a medium and I won't have to deal with anymore acne. But they could become high again and I might have to consider another course. I hope I don't
  4. Day 132 Bacne is way different. But I'm not satisfied yet. I'm still seeing minor breakouts here and there. But this has been the best treatment by far. Honestly the only side effect that I have felt is dry lips. Nothing else. Have one more month to go. I hope I still see a improvement. Right now I'm about 85-90% clear. My face is pretty much 100% clear all the time now. I'm thinking I might go on another course later. Because my derm didn't really put me on a heavy dose. Most of the time I was
  5. Yo, just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that I'm seeing really good results so far with my accutane regime. I'm on day 50 and my back is starting to go back to the glory days. Right now I only have 3-4 active really small pimples. I'm just waiting for my post marks to fade. With that said I would definitely recommend accutane. I am experiencing chapped lips but its manageable with good lip balm. A little bit of joint pain but I do workout 6 days a week so that maybe why. Later
  6. Day 9 Nothing crazy to report. I think my face is going through an initial breakout which is annoying. I'm starting to get dry especially my lips. Can't be anywhere without my lip balm and its only been 9 days. Whew, long way to go but I know it will be worth it. Bacne seems a little better don't know if its the tane already but so far I haven't broke out any worse on my body since starting. Be back later. Take care everyone.
  7. Hey whats up its KeepHopeAlive. I just started my tane course and I am very excited about the next few months. I figured I would change my display name because I felt with tane I needed a change. I workout 6 days a week and by far the hardest day is leg day. Squatting is a the best exercise when done properly. So while I'm on accutane if times ever get tough I'll just compare it to squatting to get me through it. BTW the guy in my avatar is a guy named Arnold Schwarzenegger(G.O.A.T.). You might
  8. Just wanted to announce my excitement that I'm finally going to be able to try accutane. Had a derm appointment today and after I dismissed the idea of a skin biopsy and new antibiotics I told my derm that I was interested in accutane, and he willingly agreed. While I still have to pass a blood test today I'm confident that I will be starting my accutane regime next wednesday when I get my script filled. I've never been afraid of trying accutane even with some of the drama and rare horror sto
  9. What about pets like dogs and cats? Always wondered if pet dander or something with pets could cause a reaction?
  10. Sad to hear that your acne came back. I don't have any experience from taking accutane but I hope my derm prescribes some to me when I ask him about it. I have bacne. Never really had an issue with my face but I'm still depressed a lot and feel isolated from the life I want to live. You say that your going to give up everything. I don't know if thats a good thing. But in my opinion I think its good that you are going to give up antibiotics. My suggestion is to take some probiotics since you have
  11. The gym I used to workout at had a steam room. I would use it about 3x week but it really didn't help my bacne.
  12. Most of the things people suggested are good things. I would disagree with drug use because its unhealthy. About 7 months ago I discovered weightlifting. Now I can't imagine my life without it. My only regret is I wish I would've started a little sooner. When I'm in the gym my mind is taken completely off my acne(on my back btw). Mon:shoulders Tue:legs Wed:back Thru:Chest Fri:Arms Sat: whatever Sun: Rest Abs are trained everyday or every other day. Cardio 2-3 times a week. Hope you find someth
  13. Well duh. Obviously she was advertising when she said she worked for a dermalogical company and had new product line. What is to expose? Nothing. That product line she was referring to is from a line called Unblemish. Its SA based. There, I just advertised please don't exploit me.
  14. Well how much do you dilute the vinegar with water?
  15. Well I'm definitely interested in it. Please tell me about it. I'm open to any solutions that are formulated for body acne.
  16. I have the regular johnson's baby wash. I didn't know that there was different types of shower gel. Which one is working the best for you? The wash I have keeps my face fairly clear. But it doesn't clear my bacne, even though it makes my skin feel good.
  17. This is one the dumbest statements I've heard on this topic.
  18. This is probably one of the most intelligent statements I heard so far on this topic. But then someone is going to say "Well what about porn stars?" I agree, some of the logic people use to ignore this issue is just funny. 1. "NO DUN WORRIE DEY WERE ALL JUS LIES MADE BY BIBLE BASHURS DUN LISSEN TO DEM!!" Yes there was religious propoganda years ago, that tried to persuade people to be celibate through the use of scare tactics such as saying you would get acne, hairy palms (lol), go bl
  19. This is probably one of the most intelligent statements I heard so far on this topic. But then someone is going to say "Well what about porn stars?"
  20. Thats cool man. I was just going to research laundry detergents to see if there was anything better for general health. Thanks a lot for your input.
  21. It makes sense in some regard because if the acid mantle in your skin is disrupted then bad things can happen like acne. Most cleansers like dial and safeguard are over an 8.5 on the pH scale making it highly basic for your skin. I think skin is around a 5.5 making more acidic. This acid mantle is your first line of defense for bacteria and fungi. I recommend either trying no cleansers or a cleanser that is pH balanced. I don't know of too many pH balanced cleansers but I know that Paula's choic
  22. Yeah 1:1 is too much. The 9:1 is better to start off with. More than likely you'll develop a rash if its too strong. Its a good regime to try though if you go by it smart. Use a soap that is pH balanced. Because if you use vinegar with a strong soap like say Dial, your just going to take your skin from highs and lows. The goal is to maintain the natural acid mantle in your skin. Thats why strong basic soaps cause problems for people because the base disrupts the acid mantle. Making suitable env
  23. Thats how it was for me man. I was seeing really good results and was expecting it to be my cure. But when I hit around 85% clear it stopped working and then actually started getting worse again better then worse. A repeating cycle that never reached good enough results. So I ended up scraping the regime. Its was kind of discouraging to because so many people had great success. And here once again I couldn't get over the hump.