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  1. um, its written soapless gel cleanser on it, also its made in Paris, but i think its basically the same with the green one on that page, just different markets http://www.aveneusa.com/consumers/products...ce_cleanser.asp
  2. hey baby pink, thanks, see, as I said before, I have tried MANY MANY things before (14 doctors in total) including BP and anything with cycline at the end, BUT the thing is that you have to FINE TUNE them, its kind of a juggling act, so, I'm not a doctor, (just a former (knock on wood) acne sufferer who knows how f*ed up it can be to use all kinds of drugs and still get no relief) But, I recommend, you do exactly as I said, and hopefully you'll start seeing results within two or three wee
  3. Hi all, since I’ve been a member here for a while (2 years i think) and read & used many of the experiences written here, I feel that I owe it back to the community to post this, revealing what has finally worked for me. So without further delay I get to the point: Regimen: 2x Doxycycline 100 Mg caps [Doxy1, morning 1 hour before breakfast – Doxy2, 30 minute before sleep (1 hour after launch) & For the first two weeks - first night PanOxy + Clindamycin 1%
  4. Hi all i took 40 zinc caps (1 per day) and after day 15 i got 90% clear, so after day 40 (100%) i went to a doctor for scar treatment, and i told him about the zinc, he said you get enough zinc from food so takin them is useless , and then he said go on a course of mino (2 months - 50 mg - 1 per day) to make sure the acne is completely gone and then we can go on with laser treatment or chemical pill or something, so i stopped takin zinc , started with minocycline , 23 days have passed and i
  5. i used to take cold showers, (for other reasons: to see how much i could tolerate) but i stoped after noticin how cold weather was messin up my face ... so are they different from each other ?? should i start again ??
  6. I used to take those twice a day, but each time i took 1, after an hour or so, I got a very weird feelin in my leg(s) ! , i used to think it was because of accident i had last summer (crashed my bike) , but my right leg was injured at that time, BUT i started gettin that feelin in my left leg too, so i stoped, and i havnt had that feelin ever since. any1 knows wut im talkin about ???
  7. sorry, just a quick question, can u tell from blood test that u have( ?! ) candida (yeast infection ) or wutever its called ?? thanks.
  8. Def: 1. Intense: basically, you need a towel to wipe off sweat each time. (at least 4 times a week) no sweat = not intense. I realize this has been asked again and again, but please, ... it just takes couple of clicks, thanks in advance. also , if u have time and answer is yes, plz tell when u started ur program. thank you. note:sorry about grammer/spellin. the reason im askin this question is that, my face honestly gets ALOT better ( 95% clear) after 2-3 weeks of intense work
  9. Hi All, first I should mention that I have a bad case of acne. here’s my story.. last summer, I crashed my bike and got a pretty nasty wound on my right leg, at the hospital / stitches and everytin the doctor gave me 2 weeks supply of Apo-Cephalex to PREVENT infection, after 7 days, my acne was 90% was gone, and by the end of 2 weeks I was 100% clear, I was clear until the end of summer, but then the school started and everytin got f* once again. I went to a