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  1. I have these forehead bumps that just refuse to go away. I've tried Clean and Clear 3 in 1 with BP, CVS brand of the grapefruit face wash with SA, changed my whole diet based on my food reactivity, and yet these things just linger around. I'm positive it isn't even acne, more so a reaction maybe... IDK do you guys have any idea what it may look like? Would reallly really appreciate it. My confidence for work as I own my business and need to have several meetings with other profession
  2. so my face has certainly healed a lot in terms of acne lesions themselves since last year. It can be due to hormones, aging, diet, water-intake, greens-intake, or something else. I dont even know but i do get a LOT less acne marks. But I still seem to have the dark marks as shown int hepictures. Also, yo ucan tell some parts fo my skin seem oily and others seem rough. The sides of my noses are ALWAYS red and have little blackheads. It's almost like theres veins showing too but i doubt they are v
  3. So it's been about two years since i first started breaking out. Strangely, it happened after a serious shoulder dislocation when I really started breaking out. After time though, the acne calmed down a lot, but the scars are STILL there to haunt me. Not even sure if acne scars is the correct term for it. Maybe it's just bad skin? A little about me : im 21 years old, never had skin problems as a teenager. Eat fastfood here and there but for the most part eat moderately healthy. Eat tons of