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  1. I had mild acne with gallons of oil, it was great for the 5 months I was on accutane but 6 weeks off it and the oil is coming back, grrr. Seeing the derm in a week, if he doesn't give me a second course i'll be majorly pissed off.
  2. Hi guy20uk, Dunno what your weather's like in the midlands but down south we've a heatwave - could you be getting sweat in it that's making it sore? I've used plain Lipsyl (or Palmers cocoa butter lip balm) to protect sore skin (but wipe sweat off with water first). If you think Eucerin's making it worse what about E45 cream that's not supposed to irritate...and put some on at night too. Only other thing i can suggest is chill out if you're stressed. If you want pro advice but don't wanna ad
  3. Hi Shaele, your story is near identical to mine except I'm 33. I finished a fairly low dose 20wk course of accutane a month ago, the oil started to dry up after 2 weeks, it was totally gone by 4-6 weeks!! It's AMAZING not having to wipe grease off every hour, and although I'm having a bit of a relapse it's not nearly as bad as it was. While I was on the accutane I only had a bit of dry skin/rash/ and occasional headaches after taking it. I think if your skin's really oily to start with you won
  4. I finished a 20 week,30mg/day course (i weight 60kg) a month ago and my skin's getting oilier, gonna ask the derm for a second course...reckon he was cautious with the dose cos he'd never treated someone for oily skin rather than acne before. Luckily he gave me a "SOS" appointment card i can use any time but I feel kinda drama-queenish to use it?? doh.
  5. Accutane is the only thing that reduced the amount of oil in my skin, which was probably 10-12 x normal levels and cause of 99.9% of spots (tried antibiotics & dianette, no effect.) BP, scrubs and AHA did help keep it clearer.
  6. Hi violeteyes, If your skin is actually sore, personally I wouldn't exfoliate or use an abrasive product as that would probably make it worse. If not, then try a gentle exfoliant and slather on a richer moisturizer while your skin is still damp, so you hold the moisture in. I wouldn't try any other peeling product that you've not tried before, while your skin is in an irritated state. You could try a mild AHA lotion if you know you're not sensitive to it, or something I've tried in the past is
  7. Hi, I thought I'd let my fellow Brits in on a good place to get AHA supplies, since I've seen a few folk wondering where to get stuff that the US ppl talk about and spent a long while looking around myself. Here in the UK for some reason we can't buy decent AHA stuff in the shops - we have Eucerin but only the dry skin stuff - so the only places I've found stuff are online shops like perfectskin.uk.com (who are nearly always out of stock and took a whole month to send my order). Anyway, last
  8. I know it's not exactly the same, but medshopexpress.com DO sell the Eucerin FACE renewal - and they ship to the UK.
  9. Thanks for your replies guys, keep em coming! It would be interesting to know people's weights as well as dose level, to compare them directly, like. (ooh, a scientist, argh!) Because my derm has never prescribed accutane just for oiliness I think he's playing it safe by not increasing my dose. The last time I saw him he had a middle-eastern guest doctor there and I felt too awkward to ask for a higher dose...I thought, oh no, he'll think we're all silly and vain... but I wish I had. There'
  10. Hi dollyapples! I was about to message you !! I just read your post in the diary section where you said that your derm prescribes accutane for oily skin - any chance of asking her the answer?! My derm has never prescribed it just for that before, so i'm the guinea pig... cheers! tootle
  11. Something else here at the London [uK] Day Surgery Centre - briefly, it's called the N-lite laser, no pain, good for acne/redness, about £300 per session: http://www.ldsc.co.uk/procedures/nlite.asp
  12. Hmm what's "safe" for you probably depends on the results of the preliminary blood tests! I'm assuming from your stats that you're a guy so pregnancy and birth defects aren't an issue, all I can tell you is that before I started Accutane they did a liver enzyme and lipid tests to make sure I could handle it, and they do the enzyme test again every month (plus pregnancy for women). You only get one liver after all.... This isn't what you want to hear but you risk damging yourself if you don't h
  13. Hi folks, this is my first post, although I've been reading here for 18 months while I got up the courage to ask for a referral to the dermatologist to ask for Accutane, as I was scared of the side effects (I use contact lenses) so greetings to everyone Ok, brief background - I'm F/34 and had horrendously oily skin (but only mild-ish acne) since the age of 8 which I at long last figured must be genetic (nothing worked) and persuaded the dermatologist to prescribe me Accutane for it, as I'd