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  1. Hey! I wish I had known this earlier cuz it would have saved me from alot of grief, hence Im sharing it with u. Hopefully it will help cuz i know how frustrating it can be. I have always suffered from "mild" acne since puberty and nothing seemed to work. BP helped a tiny bit, but i would still break out and it would cause mild allergic reactions for me. So, here I am (years later) on a new perscription and totally loving it. Im pretty much totally clear and really happy. I tried and tested a
  2. fukamoto


    pre and post smoothbeam
  3. From the album: smoothbeam

    im getting smoothbeam done. This is a pic of me before the procedure (may 30). U can see my pic clearer cuz i got a new cam with a higher m. pixel rating. I broke out two weeks ago cuz of seasonal changes. My derm told me my best option was CO2 laser. He told me that smoothbeam wont really do much, for my case, and i should only expect a 10% improvement. Buuuuut... supposedly my skin will be less oily after and thats the reason why im going for it. woot!
  4. fukamoto

    Braces :P

    I've been using proactiv for about a year (only because it comes in a convenient package). It *helped* to keep things in check but it didn't magically clear my skin. My acne is pretty much gone only because puberty has finally started to calm down so I don't break out as I did before. A good dermatologist does wonders for your skin as well. I used to have flawless skin before early highschool and hopefully I can get it back, or close to it, after I decide on which laser treatment is best for
  5. fukamoto

    C'est la vie

  6. fukamoto

    Braces :P

    From the album: C'est la vie

    This pic was taken about a year after my other ones. I'm thinking of having Fraxel done soon.
  7. From the album: C'est la vie

    my skin is soo blotchy. this was taken when i was on proactiv.
  8. I use iso-trentoin and it has pretty much cleared up what benoyl peroxide (proactiv form) failed to do. I was just wondering if anyone else is on it and if they could write about their long term results. I believe iso-trentoin is a topical form of accutane which is derived from vitamin a or retinoic acid.
  9. I'm currently undergoing glycolic acid treatments (had 4 so far). I was wondering if anyone else could discuss about their results after their treatments. so far this is what has happened. 1.) i visited my dermatologist who perscribed iso-trentoin (a topical form of accutane), the results were spectacular. (note my acne has always been light/moderate) 2.) he told me to try glycolic acid peels every two weeks. Im on number 4 right now. Right now i find that alot of superficial scars are showi