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  1. Hey! I wish I had known this earlier cuz it would have saved me from alot of grief, hence Im sharing it with u. Hopefully it will help cuz i know how frustrating it can be. I have always suffered from "mild" acne since puberty and nothing seemed to work. BP helped a tiny bit, but i would still break out and it would cause mild allergic reactions for me. So, here I am (years later) on a new perscription and totally loving it. Im pretty much totally clear and really happy. I tried and tested a
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  4. I use iso-trentoin and it has pretty much cleared up what benoyl peroxide (proactiv form) failed to do. I was just wondering if anyone else is on it and if they could write about their long term results. I believe iso-trentoin is a topical form of accutane which is derived from vitamin a or retinoic acid.
  5. I'm currently undergoing glycolic acid treatments (had 4 so far). I was wondering if anyone else could discuss about their results after their treatments. so far this is what has happened. 1.) i visited my dermatologist who perscribed iso-trentoin (a topical form of accutane), the results were spectacular. (note my acne has always been light/moderate) 2.) he told me to try glycolic acid peels every two weeks. Im on number 4 right now. Right now i find that alot of superficial scars are showi