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  1. Hi everyone, I was hoping for some general thoughts and advice about my acne. I've had blood work and a urine sample done where nearly everything (minus estrogen, which is annoying) checked for, and I am NOT lacking in anything... the doctor said I was actually very healthy. Does that mean my acne ISN'T hormonal? (I've spoken to a few doctors now, and they are rarely any help and still won't refer me to a derm, even though I've struggled with mod to severe acne for twelve years n
  2. I have small bumps all over my skin (mostly forehead and cheeks) and was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and how to get rid of them?! I'm using Paulas Choice products along with Green Cream. These products did work for a long time, and I had near-perfect skin where I could get away without wearing make up for about a year or so. The last few months, I guess I've "plateaued", because now my acne problems are back! Are there any other products to use (besides GC and Paula's Choi