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  1. I also have dry/sensitive YET hormonally affected acne prone skin and I'm 35 I never had it as a teen. Cerave did not work for me, it actually made me itch and get tiny white heads all over. My two favorite cleanser are Neutrogena Antiwrinkle Antiblemish and Simple Gentle gel cleanser, neither are super hydrating as I do still use a moisturizer, but they are not drying me out anymore than I normally would be. Plantogen also makes a fabulous cleanser(s) that are slightly more moisturizing with m
  2. I got the sample of the Simple gentle cleanser and LOVED it! I've just been using up the rest of my Plantogen cleanser before I go buy a fulls size.
  3. Walmart carries their brand now, Equate, acne system. I have used ProActiv as well and like this one better!
  4. I second Revlon colorstay. It gives a nice natural matte finish and won't rub off all night. Work in small areas at a time though because it does dry quickly, but IMHO is blendable if done that way. Have fun at prom!
  5. How do you know its the foundation? The only kind of acne cosmetics can cause is cosmetica acne and thats not even real acne. Just dont use foundations that arent oil free. There is absolutely no proof foundation causes acne vulgaris or whatever its called People who are intolerant of mica, whatever, can break out from cosmetics. In acne. Acne cosmetica is real acne. Acne vulgaris is not the only 'real acne'. Acne cosmetica is a very mild form of acne You should also look fo
  6. Try Revlon Colorstay in the Combo/Oily formula. I highly recommend it!
  7. I'm sure I'm just echoing the others but here it goes... First, give Buff a try. If it's too light, mix with the darker color you already have. Second, moisturize first. Just a light one will give you a better blending time. Third, less is more. Start on your nose and blend outward dotting some on each area as you apply it because it does set fast. Work small sections at a time. I find that if I use a regular size buki to blend in a circular motion on my hairline and under my chin/neck it help
  8. could be the alcohol content of the hairspray as well, causing a drying effect..
  9. I have the same skin type you are decribing, and I LOVE Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle scrub. when they say it is gentle enough to use daily, you kinda think "well does it work if it's that gentle?" but it does! I tend to skip around for the "latest" products, but this one, (along with Neutrogena AntiWrinkle Antiblemish cleanser) is one I have have purchased over and over again. I have super fair, freckled, sensitive, acne prone but dry/dehydrated skin and I've never had any issues with it. Amy
  10. I like BE for everyday(I know you don't like MMU) BUT for special occassions I ADORE Revlon Colorstay for C/O skin. It works wonders at making my look flawless, stays put, and a plus, I found a perfect shade match(which is tough to do for my super fair freckled skin)
  11. I've been on Spiro for almost a month along with Minocycline. I recently started Yaz, just started week 2 on Sunday. Those on this combo what has it been like for you? and how were your periods before? We go on vacation the week I'd be "due" if I have a period as I would and am looking for what to expect, maybe it will show a week early? TIA!!! I really appreciate the input! Amy
  12. From what I can see this is how I would replicate that look.. Start by setting hair in hot rollers OR velcro rollers to get that kind of curl you see in her ends, that will help that "roll" to stay as well. Use heat setting spray as you are rolling them and mist again after. If using Velcro rollers use a bit of hairspray mist after set. Once you remove the rollers, shake hair to loosen curls. Seperate into two sides, gently clippng one side out of the way. It looks like it could be partially a
  13. I just started this regimen, I hope it helps me! GL to [email protected]!
  14. I know in general you should drink 7-10 glasses of water a day(6-8oz) so I'm thinking you should drink at least that much. I tend to drink just about that much even with the spiro I know I should prob drink more. I try to drink before I get thirsty!