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  1. she has a toy already!!she has an extremely high sex drive!!for real...
  2. mmm this is interesting..i am thin and can eat anything i like and NEVER put on weight..i wouldn say i eat a lot and have a huge appetite tho..just eat normal amounts really...
  3. wow...good luck with that!i wudnt mind tryin that experiment but my girlfriend wud not b too keen on no nookie for a month!!!
  4. i dunno about accutane ive never taken it..but doxy sucks after a while...it will stop to work as ur bacteria becomes immune to it..anti biotics suck..as regards over the counter products they are working for me..4 weeks ago i started using cleansers and sa lotions plus sa scrubs for the first time ever on my bacne and im seeing big results..
  5. none of my 4 brothers have acne.my mum and dad either.it could be passed on thru grandparents or further back...but also another possibillity is basically we are born with a genetic predisposition to acne period.having nothing to do with relatives or the like...we are just born with it cos thats the cards we were dealt as we were being formed..a mutation if u will..
  6. he he..think il start that too..........
  7. my girlfriend has pcos.she told me she used to get acne on her face big time.she is on the pill now and doesnt get any.plus her sex drive is really high!!
  8. mmm havin sex and masturbation..2 things i do regular these days!!i dunno man..bein honest ive never gone long enough to see whether not masturbating has any effect on my bacne!!as far as hormones maybe it is..but at the end of the day whatever the cause of acne is..the root cause is genetic,defective genes etc.stemming from this root cause would be hormones or whatever causing the process of inperfect shedding of skin cells etc etc..their wont be any cure until the geneticists strike gold and b
  9. man i have a bottle of this on the shelf a year!i only got it to see if it cud get rid of a tiny red scar but got sick of using it after a week...i may use it to see if it gets rid of red marks quicker...but as far as i remember it took ages to dry on the skin as its very greasy..
  10. better genes..yup..agreed...at the end of the day it all boils down to a genetic fuck up in people with all levels of acne..geneticists come on guys u know u can do it(find the culprits)....waiting.....waiting......waiting...
  11. ive been taking 2 tabs a day for a few weeks now..seeing an improvement..butr then again im taking guggle,acidiphilous and cleansing my back so dunno whether msm is any good on its own,,its all hit and miss with these things..just try it..wont do any harm anyhow
  12. i find this very hard to believe..u dont get complete clear skin in 3 days!....http://www.acnefreein3days.com/c/index.html?hop=annaelena8
  13. sounds good...but im using a cleanser with SA in it for a few weeks now and im still getting new spots...what would be the difference with this one i ask myself?