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  1. Vitamin B5 competes with biotin at the same receptor, so it blocked biotin from doing what it does: make your hair glow & grow, make your face oily, make your nails strong & grow. So by taking B5 you get dry, unhealthy hair, weak nails, and dry skin. But this all depends on individual, B5 for acne should only be used by people who have very oily skin, as the only way it reduces acne is by reducing sebum production (reducing biotin action). And people who have very oily face often have gr
  2. Omega 3 fish oil is a mild 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, meaning it will decrease dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in men. DHT is a strong androgen, far stronger than testosterone, therefore it causes hormonal acne in men. Omega 3 also helps your cardiovascular system, makes your blood thinner, but I do not see a way how thinner blood would benefit acne. I take 3 capsules a day (= 930mg EPA, 615mg DHA a day in total) and it clears maybe 2-3% of my acne, barely noticeable, I might even be imagining the d
  3. Hello again, How is your light therapy going, still working? I looked a bit more into this and thought I would buy the same lamp as you have. But as with every treatment I try to look into the seide effects and risks beforehand. So the cheap toothbrush like blue light sticks which are marketed for like over 200$ claim they do not emit UV-light at all, and are therefor safe. And this one you are using obviously is an UV flood light. UV-light is said to have all kinds of risks, well anyone who
  4. I might try this at some point, but I have a few ongoing experiments atm and I want to see how I go with them first. As Acnewonderland said I have also read before someone telling that you need something like half an hour under the light, thats why I thought at first that I need to sit a few hours every day reading a book under blue lights. Though I would be willing to make that sacrifice anyday if it would really help me. Its just that this idea seems very promising, but so have a hundr
  5. This sounds very interesting, I have always thought I need to invest hundreds of euros to even try this and left this aside back then. I have a few questions: How long do you use the blue light therapy per day? Does it have to be 1 continuous light therapy session or can it be some in the morning and some in the evening? Does it make your face hot like when tanning? (I have mild rosacea so this would be a definite con for me) Do you think it could cure or help alot someone with something more
  6. What dosages were you taking? Though I guess it doesn't matter as I have been taking 2 tbsp a day for over a week now (previously was 1 tbsp a day) and still no improvements.
  7. Tootie2014, I read a bit about zinc oxide cream and it looks very promising. Could help my (hormonal) neck & jawline acne. However, if you use it yourself, how do you get it off your face? As it isnt water soluble. I mean, if I use oil to get it off, Im clogging my pores with oil and probably doing more harm than good.
  8. Very interesting read. As much as I would like this to work, Im not sure would this make someone like me clear. I suffer from hormonal acne (chin & neck) + diet related acne or similar (around my ears & forehead) which Im able to get rid mostly with supplements like msm-powder and lactoferrin but the hormonal acne is always stubborn. Im interested in this idea cause you said you had yourself hormonal acne and thats just the kind of acne I need a cure badly (without messing up my hormones
  9. Im afraid I can't be much of a help, as the closest thing to sulfur I have used is MSM powder (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane). But Im very interested in the idea and I'd like to hear how this experiment goes.
  10. I have tried Vitamin B5 in dosages ranging from 500mg to 3 grams. It makes your skin less oily, because B5 competes with Biotin at the same receptor (it kind of blocks biotin from doing what it does). Biotin upregulates sebum production, makes your hair oily but healthy looking, makes your nails grow stronger and faster. So what happens when you start taking B5 is you start countering biotin properties: sebum production is reduced (helps acne), your hair will dry and fall out (not good at all),
  11. I have been using collagen hydrolysate for about 3 weeks now. Didn't really affect my acne. I had more luck with lactoferrin. I began using lactoferrin 2 weeks ago, so I can't be sure if its collagen or lactoferrin working, but I believe it to be the lactoferrin, as I only noticed a difference when I started lactoferrin, and improving slowly as I doubled the dosage from 250mg to 500mg like 5 days ago. As for collagen hydrolysate, I have been taking 1 tbsp per day, I might try 2 per day, but I do
  12. You could just buy some lactoferrin (the active ingredient in praventac) and it would do the exact same thing (providing this even helps acne). The other ingredients in praventac dont do anything for acne, they are there just to add some "magic" to the product. So dont go wasting your money on this product, buy normal lactoferrin if you want to try it out.
  13. Vitamin-A is pretty much the exact same thing as accutane. If you experienced side-effects with accutane, you will get the same sides with vitamin-a. I have personally not used accutane, but i have tried vitamin-a (from fish liver oil) 25,000iu a day for 4 days and I got wrecked. I got severe redness of skin (rosacea) and extreme drynes, broke out badly also ofcourse. If you have no existing redness/rosacea then accutane or vitamin-a might work for you, but I just couldn't risk it developing fu