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  1. Get your gossip fix here http://gossip.bluelaundry.com visit the forum and you'll meet hundreds of interesting and funny people to talk about acne shouldn't be the focus of your entire life it will drown you.
  2. it's a great book, believe it or not my acne and red marks faded and cleared up when i did it for 10 days.
  3. yup candida feeds on undigested food. so some people digest...ugh sorry i can't explain this well visit askshelley.com
  4. this is fine to have with candida
  5. noo...salicylic acid would make your skin burn not tingle. mint and menthol do make your skin tingle though. that as well as alcohol as it evaportes.
  6. maybe you were just a bit too sensitive..i mean what else could he have compared them to?
  7. i dont know about the body 'saving' energy from digeting food. but if you overeat, you do stress your body. your body can only produce so many bile acids etc, and digestive enzymes to break down the food. so eating smalller, more frequent portions is a good thing.
  8. umm... you posted information regarding what occured to monkies that were injected with high levels of vitamin a. and you posted information regarding what occured to monkies that were given an anti-baldness medication
  9. use the search function. there was a thread a while back exactly like yours with a bunch of answers
  10. even if they don't aspartame is a neurotoxin so you just wanna stay away from it anyways.