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  1. I do not understand. Did your doctor suggest eating meat to increase your fat or sat fat intake? Why didn't he suggest eating eggs, yogurt, cream or cheese? Both are LOADED in fats and saturated fats. Why did he suggest meat and not other foods?
  2. Go sniff your own anal glands troll.

  3. Oh, you can also get them expressed professionally for like $35.00. But save the money and do it yourself, I say =P.
  4. So has anyone flushed them recently? Just like any other organ in your body, the anal glands need flushing, too. Professionals suggest at least several times during a lifetime. This is equatable to the gallbladder, kidney, colon, iver flushes. The anal gland sacs are two small bags that sit on each side of the anus at the 5 O'clock position. Put thumb and index finger on each side of anus. After a few palpatations, you should be able to feel them (two very small sacks under the skin). W
  5. You can lightly taste that its there... it gives it a bit of a Christmas flavor. It actually tastes like a chocolate fondue at a five-star restaurant ... which has made its own recipe.
  6. I just made some delicious chocolate (I suppose its a pudding). It is 100% fat free and dairy free. It could be used as a fruit fondue (dipping sliced apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries into it). I bought a "chocolate pudding mix" which is just made of cocoa powder, sugar. And 1 can of sweetened Pumpkin (pumpkin, sugar). I mixed pumpkin into the cocoa powder until it made a very thick creme. It is SO good... and its healthy since the majority of the calories come from pumpkin. And its pr
  7. Yeah, after the low-protein diet cleared my skin, we've been collaborating on why the diet works =P. Well, the diet is not completely without fat. At the end of one day, you eat 16 grams of fat. I haven't calculated for protein, yet (been busy!)
  8. I restricted fat too. If you want more info on the diet, check out my other post out in the forum entitled, "Low-protein diet worked for me...."
  9. Well, if you are not allergic to dairy or any other foods (that you know of) and need to gain weight rapidly, I would go for the fats because they have the most calories per serving. For example: 1 gram of potato has 4 calories | 1 gram of oil has 8 calories. I know this is terrible advice, but if you are that much under weight, perhaps a milkshake every night might not hurt. When I was a young teenager, I gained 18 pounds within 2 months that way. =P Oreo cookies have 120 calories per
  10. Well, if I remember correctly, the study published in 2005 found that diabetics could eat as much carbs as they wanted AS LONG as they kept their fat intake at under 20 grams per day. By doing this, 90% of the study's participants were able to get off their diabetic medications within 4 weeks. The study was conducted at Yale(?) and then it was studied at George Washington University. Further, the Japanese eat a diet mainly consisting of carbs (a bowl of white rice with every meal) and they ha
  11. Wait guys! If you do this diet, you should tighten down the rules to accurately see if you get results. Believe me, even a small amount of protein or fat makes you break out within 12 hours -- and the break out lasts for 8 days. If you want to try this diet: NO beans, nuts, hummus, chickpeas, ALL lentils, tofu, soy milk or almond milk (rice milk is fine), meat, faux meat, eggs, dairy products, avocados, chocolate, caramels, fried foods, oil-based salad dressings, oil, fried chips (baked chips
  12. For those of you who are convinced that your acne is related to your blood sugar levels: A year ago, I posted that the drug diabetic drug Metformin should theoretically clear acne because it regulates bloodsugar levels. There was also new research published 2005 that a low-fat diet would reverse diabetes by regulating bloodsugar levels. Quite by accident, it was found that a very low-protein diet might do an even better job. When these two diets are combined, they clear acne 100%. Another
  13. So I've been on Dotty's very low protein diet for a month now. My skin cleared after 9ish days. I expected to feel sickly because I havent touched a "major" source of protein in 4 weeks but I feel fine. My doctor didn't become alarmed when I mentioned it to her. My skin is fine when I get protein from pastas, vegetables, grains, etc. But foods that are PACKED with protein make me break out again. So, while I was chewing on my cud ...er... I mean, my pasta... I then thought of a new ques
  14. She never did post pics, but her diet works. I did it and am clear now too. For whatever reason, protein spikes the bloodsugar like NOTHING I've ever seen (or activates the acne 'gland' within hours).