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  1. Can't believe nobdoy commented yet. Great post and oh so true
  2. Goats milk/cheese is fine for me. Just don't go overboard with eating it a few times a day and you should be fine.
  3. This wouldn't be a "power of suggestion" therapy method and actually can help a lot of pl. The biggest reasoning behind that is because a lot of people with acne are constipated. Having a bowel movemnt once a day is not enough and that's the case for a lot. Drinking even 500ml of water in the morning will help your intestines move and keep you regular which is a HUGE deal for having clear skin. Water also flushes out toxins and hydrates the skin which is a big factor. I personally wouldn't
  4. I never tried the person's regiment as I got clear using a different method but the mites the poster wrote about are an actual problem in a lot of skin cases. I go to a very good naturopath and she recommends different skin care producsts to get rid of the mites and many of her acne sufferer patients report good results. I learned about it from her. So for the people who think it's very weird, research it, there's a lot of information out there
  5. Back when I was in highschool the popular girls were popular because 1. they were loud attention seeking 2. arrogant 3. drama queens 4. they were easy That was my school anyways, they were all good looking with clear skin as well but that didn't count as much as many prettier down to earth girls were not popular. It's true that now, yeeears later when I see some off them they're either preganant with their 4th kid or live a dead beat life. Trust me, most of the "popular people" in highscho
  6. Looks great. I love Joppa minerals.
  7. Urine should not be consumed again. It has toxins in it that your body filtered out. That's kind of like eating your feces (although yeah urine is far from that disgusting) but feces too are toxins and material your body no longer needs. Don't drink your urine!
  8. Ah I haven't posted in so long then I saw your question. Here's the answer for you and for EVERYONE who suffers from acne SWEET ALMOND OIL. Sweet almond oil is amazing for acne prone skin as it does not clog pores. It will even out your skin tone and moisturizes like a charm. I've used it for 3-4 months now and it has never given me breakouts. I can't use ANY moisturizers as they break me out, cant use olive oil as its too heavy for my skin and jojoba oil also did a number on my skin. Sw
  9. I would try fair neutral if cool fair was a bit too chalky.
  10. -dairy -garlic -super spicy foods -chocolate -large amounts of bagles, breads and/or pasta