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  1. Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan has been arrested for the murders of Old Man Peterson and the Teenage Witch (whose body has yet to be found). The detective in charge of the investigation has ordered for Aydan to have his stomach pumped, to prove Aydan a liar. Chapter Nineteen ---------------- The hospital is an ugly, concrete monstrosity. A relic from the 1960's. A handcuffed Aydan is pushed inside by the sergeant, Perkins. "I don't like hospitals," moans Aydan. "They're full of
  2. Hey there melissah, Just remember: with Dan's regimen, your skin tends to start off well, then gets worse, then finally better - provided you stick with it! Good luck!
  3. Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan has been arrested for the murders of Old Man Peterson...and the Teenage Witch! Chapter Eighteen ---------------- Inspector Ratchett stares coldly at Aydan from across the interview desk. "Where did you dump the body?" "Where did I dump what body?" Ratchett grabs Aydan by the hair and slams his face down hard on the desk, several times. Aydan rubs his nose, and scowls at his solicitor. "Is he allowed to do that?!" The solicitor shrugs. Aydan notices th
  4. Clive is ever-so-barely visible - in very good light, and using a magnifying mirror! :D Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... The mysterious package has turned out to be a rather dull collection of papers, written in German. Aydan is getting it translated by his friend, Septic Tony. Chapter Seventeen ----------------- "Penelope's magnificent bosoms heaved with excitement. 'Herr Sedgewick is coming *here*?!' she panted-" Aydan scowls. "Stop messing about, Tony! Tell me what it rea
  5. Very quick update on Gervais: he'd all but disappeared overnight. Now he's a teeny-tiny red mark. Amazing.
  6. Oh no! The sky is falling! I have a new spot, the first in over a month! lol. I'm calling him Gervais. Gervais is on my right cheek. Not very inflamed at all yet. I am applying the 36-hour rule, and will see how he's doing late tomorrow. Pfui! Anyway............... Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan has finally recovered the mysterious package...and has just opened it! Chapter Sixteen ------------------ A few hundred typed pages fall out. They appear to be written in some so
  7. Hiya GWU girl, Welcome to my blog! Whiteheads...no, they never popped themselves. I would start off with a big red spot, and if I was clever enough to leave it alone for long enough, eventually the white head would appear. I would then try to "drain" it, by very carefully piercing the top with a needle, and applying (very light) pressure with some tissue. Usually I'd need to drain it twice, because the gunk right at the very bottom would rise to the surface (over a period of ~12 hours I su
  8. Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan has realized that the mysterious package must still be at the little girl's flat, across the street from his own. He has hired a cab and will now be able to get there before the little girl. Chapter Fifteen --------------- The taxi parks outside the building. The cabbie looks at Aydan darkly. "Ten quid." Aydan had forgotten that he doesn't have any change. He thinks quickly, as the cabbie reaches for a baseball bat. "Will you accept this stolen tric
  9. All good skin-wise! Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan has cunningly double-crossed the little girl, and stolen her backpack - only to discover that she had triple-crossed him instead. The mysterious package, which he is after to impress Sabrina, is nowhere to be found. Chapter Fourteen ---------------- Aydan thinks quickly. If the little girl didn't have the package, it must still be at her flat, across the road from his own! If only he can get there faster than the little girl!
  10. You're amazed at my knowledge? Perhaps I merely knew that one fact and I'm totally ignorant about everything else? That is actually closer to the truth lol. Where have I been? In a happy, acne-free place. I'm just visiting now. I'm still using bp at 100% though. Not confident enough to cut-down. Very happy you've been able to do so though.
  11. Skin doing well. No news. Previously, on "Psycho and Witch"... Aydan must find ten million pounds in Dutch bearer bonds to pay off the little girl who has his hopefully-one-day-soon-girlfriend's mysterious package. Chapter Thirteen ---------------- Another copper coin chinks into Aydan's upturned baseball cap. "Thank you, kind sir," says Aydan to the portly woman with the moustache, who scowls and takes back her penny. A man in a suit walks past, and snarls: "Get a job!" Aydan adds him to
  12. Good luck, Becka! I've found that the only thing that'll heal scars properly is time. Stick with the regimen. Some claim that Bio-Oil helps speed up the fading. Personally I don't think it made a difference, though - who knows - it might with you.
  13. Hiya Celebration! Just checkin' in. Hope you're well!
  14. Hey Jazz, how ya doin'? Isn't Thai the language where blokes finish sentences with "Crap!"? (Unless they don't want to be polite, lol)
  15. oh, p.s. Psycho and Witch returning v. soon, lol.