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  1. I had one treatment of subcision with filler (juvederm) and it did not work. If anything made it worse. The derm did not recommend any other options.
  2. I had Juvederm filler. I've had this scar for about 15 years and its always bothered me but just started to do something about it. Thank you for your advice I will definately look into it.
  3. I have always had oily acne prone skin and also with cystic acne. I have one scar in particular that bothers me more than any other and it's an ice pick and it's right on my cheek bone. I also have one on my nose that bothers me pretty bad. This past year I went to the dermatologist and he gave me spironolactone and tazorac. The spironolactone helped a lot with the cystic acne. He then had me do dermapen. I had 3 treatments before I realized I was blowing $200 everytime and it wasn't ever going