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  1. I had two moles removed 11 months ago with a punch biopsy. I don't remember the size that was used, but each incision only required one stitch to seal. I applied silicone scar sheets for at least 6 months and took good care of them, always wearing spf 30 sun protection. I just don't understand why they are still so red... I have recently done 2 dermarolls in the past two months, but still no change in their appearance. Any ideas what is going on?
  2. I had two raised brown hairy moles removed from my face (cheek) about 10 years ago. I have tried many treatments since then throughout time with little improvement if at all. The scars are somewhat raised, red, and even purple tinted at times. They have not extended beyond the original incision area. They had about 2 stitches in each removed mole wound. Does anyone know what is causing this discoloration or scar type? I am tormented by these dark toned scars every time i look in the mirror. I ju
  3. bobbybrown

    scar type/treatment?