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  1. Day 6. A few more spots popped up overnight, But they were dry and looked like they are about to die. Otherones are already dry and almost dead. So hopefully this can be completly resolved by monday. I also woke up with a pimple on my nose. Pretty strange since the CSR isnt being applyed to my nose, and I never ever get pimples on my nose. However I do get small blackheads and under-the-surface white heads. I did squeeze yesterday (although I never do) and thats what caused it to get worse. What
  2. Your skin dosnt look that bad. The initial breakout is on it's way so dont pic at them. It shouldnt last too long and even then they seem to go away quickly. For abit of encouragment print out the "what to expect" page which shows results for different weeks. Also print out one of your favorite succsess stories. Put these on your bathroom mirror for some motivation even through the worse times. Try to stay consistant with your regimen; You'll see members with sig. that say "my log for sucsess, c
  3. Thanks for the encoraging words Metric! I hope to see your log soon! Well........ Day 5. So Good News and Badnews. Good news the Initial breakout has just started, I'm glad it's happening so soon so I dont have to worry about it later. Bad news. I'm breaking out, and I'm supposed to meet this hot girl in like two days. Oh well I guess I'll delay it to next weekend. I couldnt swim since it's raining today. Overall Im feeling lazy and tired.
  4. Day 4 Not much to say. I waited 45 min. this morning to apply moisturizer and viola! no burning. Although my skin still is dry. The Initial Breakout has started and I can see some of those bastards ready to come up. I aplyed a small amount of 10% BP on those. Hopefully this'll finish soon enough.
  5. The redness you described happens to me also. Right after I use moisturizer. I guess I should wait to put it on.
  6. Day 3 My face dosnt feel as irritated as yesterday, but it sure as hell was dry. My face still looks 'sunburned, but not as bad as yesterday. My skin felt a tad smoother today and a few new spots, popped up, but they seem to die quick. I swam for about 1 hour today. Redmarks abit faded.
  7. Ok so I decided that for the next week I will be on a healthy diet to compliment the regimen, and lessen the afects of the IB soon to come. I'll be taking fiber(psylliam husk) in the morning and at night. Morning I'll probably have abit of fruit or oatmeal with Soymilk. Afternoon will be a nice salad with virgin oil, and in the evnings probably some plain pasta(I found pasta does not seem to break out my skin) with plenty of fruits and vegies inbetwen. Also I will drink plenty of water. And eve
  8. Thanks for the advise. But the redness occors right after I use the moisturiser, so I'll switch when I get a chance. Or just wait it out.
  9. Day 2. Man my face feels red and irritated, I guess this means its working so thats good right. I put a small amount of 10% BP on the bigger spots, It seems to work. I notice my face becomes red after the moisturizer, mabey I should switch? Well when I run out I will. Same thing with the BP, I'll switch to Dans after I run out of the neutrogena on-the spot. I'll probly go swimming today if it dosnt rain. BTW: I found a pic. of me a couple months ago when it was more "severe" it's so painful to
  10. What about not using a moisturizer? Is it really all that nessassary?
  11. Haha Canada sucks. Actually it's probably better than America in alot of aspects. Including Skate spots. That would be funny if it started mass chaos and rioting in the streets, and the army had to come in and drop BP from the choppers in order to stop the chaos. lol
  12. Sublime

    My Son

    How about the Clear Skin Regimen?
  13. I dont think she'll mind if you get just one. I mean you worked with her before going on accutane right? Your face is infinatly better, Dont worry about it too much.