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  1. Well read this forum and others and you can decide whether the side effects are worth it. Many of the more serious side effects are rare but possible. You have an early jump because you seem to be researching and not going in blindly.
  2. An update: Went from having low libido, decrease sensation and being able to have at least some erection. To having no libido, no sensation, no spontaneous or morning erection, no erection at all
  3. Thanks oli girl for the reply, i have sent Dubya a PM, also sent one to another person who has been helpful. It seems though im out of luck. I have taken 40mg Any suggestions welcomed
  4. Sounds about right, 1mg accutane per 1 kg body weight
  5. Are they appearing where you would normally have hair and do you see a dot at the center? Pics? Either way it is not possible to differentiate between fungal and bacterial by looking at it. Treatments are different for each but i think antibiotics are the first line of treatment for folliculitis. Otc neomycin and antiseptic soaps can probably be used. Depending on how bad they are oral medications may be needed. Warm towels are also used.
  6. Well, it is difficult to tell really, either way you can't stay on antibiotics for too long so you will have to stop. If it does return, then you doctor will go from there. Birth control works wonders for women with hormonal acne. Since it is mild acne, you could possibly use topical antibiotics.
  7. Thanks for replying, Mine have been there for about 2 - 3 months as well after 40mg injection. I had hoped it would be resolved by now but the hypopigmentations do not show signs of improvement. I dont think calamine helps with the color. Any other suggestions?
  8. I have developed severe hypopigmentation after injection of kenalog / hydrocortisone shots for multiple hypertrophic / keloid scars on my face. Some of my skin seem to be now completely depigmented and is extremely bright and light, some are much lighter but not too bright. I've read a bit but it seems treatment is limited. Any one with similar issues? What are the available treatments such as retin-a, dermarolling, lasers and such...? Or am i out of luck?
  9. Taken 40mg accutane isotretinoin for 2 weeks and my face has gotten 3 shades darker but the rest of my body is normal. I do use the highest strength sun screen. I have an appointment in 3 weeks but do i need to stop taking accutane. Has this happened to anyone else? and does it go away afer stopping accutane? -John
  10. Inspired, it has made matters significantly worse and i do regret even trying it, but it has happened. I was hoping it would improve as the day went by but it is actually still getting worse and my face is now really oily. Derma rolling isnt for everyone. Made an appointment with the derm in 2 weeks. I do have very dark skin so i dont know if dermabrasion would work for me, and these are pretty big bumps now. I should mention that this scars on both my cheeks have been there for 3-5 year
  11. I have gotten injections for the bigger ones on the jaw line (those are keloids) for a while, it has helped. The smaller ones are hypertrophic or some kind of inflammatory acne scars (can somebody tell me what those are actually??), the derms arent conclusive and they wouldnt inject because they feel it would be ineffective and also for risk of denting. (should i find another derm?) i tried self needling yesterday actually as suggested by a derm who wanted to do the dermapen and also by a do
  12. So i have visited a few derms, each suggesting different expensive treatment which as a student cant afford. Anyways, are these infact hypertrophic scars? and will needling help?
  13. I've been struggling with acne for a while now and recently decided to seek professional treatment. I have tried retin a, clindamycin, BP, salicylic acid, sulfacetamide and others for my active acne. I am yet to try accutane however, should I? My biggest concern though is for my hypertrophic scars on both cheeks and forehead. Which treatment works best for the type of scars i have. Dermapen, fraxel? im not a candidate for co2 fraction laser because of my dark skin. What do you suggest based