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  1. that sucks. sometimes treating ourselves is more successful. i have my dermatologist and endo. appt same day coincidently so we will see how they both go.
  2. I've had acne for a long time . I'm 24 right now and I've been experiencing it for years now and have tried A LOT of thing through my dermatologist with no success or temporary success. I have made an appointment with an endocronologist and would like to know if anyone has any positive expriences from going to one. I am confident its bc of hormones.
  3. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and need to find a good moisturizer. My dermatologist told me aveeno and purpose are both good for my skin type. which one would you guys recommend? i wanted one with spf preferable. thanks guys
  4. has anyone tried Cellceuticals? its a skincare line that a plastic surgeon came up with and its supposed to give amazing results..im very interested in this line .does anyone know anything about it or tried it?
  5. thanks. I have always been irregular and everything was fine the last time i went to a doctor for blood but i will mention it again the next time i go. As soon as i started taking twice a day 25mg i began the spotting probably two weeks later.
  6. thanks so much! i was assumming that but just wnted to mke sure because i havent gotten my period this whole month but have been spotting. thnks!
  7. anyone xpperiene the same on spiro?
  8. I ws on spiro for 3 months on 25mg nd about a month go started take 50mg...during this time i have been getting brown discharge on and off, and irregular menstrual. Is this side effect of spiro? has anyone had the same problem? sorry for tmi. thanks
  9. has anyone tried their new M.A.C mineral loose foundation ? any reviews? i want to get it but not sure whether or not itll break me out :/ here are the ingredients Active Ingredient: titanium dioxide 7.00% Ingredients: Mica, Hordeum Distichon(barley) extract, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, squalane, methicone, potassium sorbate, chlorphenesin [+/- titanium dioxide, iron oxides, bismuth oxychloride, blue 1, carmine, chromium hydroxide green, chromium o
  10. Hey guys i just had a quick question. I did a search but didnt find a lot of info on it on the site. Is it ok to use pure glycerin nighttime on the face as moisturizer? will it cause/irritate acne? i
  11. Give it time!! Five days is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. I would give it at least two weeks before getting discouraged. Thanks i def will give it time . Just wanna make sure the brand/type i have is ok.? thanks for your encouragement .
  12. I am using dim-plus from natures way is that a good one? ive used it for 5 days now so far nothing .
  13. thanks! its very on and off im perfectly clear fo one month then it just goes outa control... seems like i cant eat anything i enjoy lol the stuff i even enjoy are healthy food. so i cut out cinnamon and banana i was eating plain oatmeal but ill cut it out just to see. lol.. why is it the one thats the healthiest is the one with the problem? lol thanks for the replies guys just a note* its separate products..not banana cinnamon flavored oatmeal :)
  14. no i didnt get the broccoli one just dim i eat lots of veggies anyway. broccoli is just annoying cuz it causes a lot of bloating but i eat it in moderation. thanks !
  15. Is it safe to take DIM and brocolli pills at the same time?