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  1. you in sydney Guzzi? if so pm me and i'll try and help you out
  2. why on earth are you listening to a derm? noob mistake
  3. youknow you are a knowledge noob and this makes you look like a pathetic fool but don't worry you can correct this by reading and catching up with everyone.
  4. ive been trying something that seems to be working great so far. All i do is just eat an apple and a banana just before every single meal. It's working wonders. ive tried only bananas but it didnt work, the combination seems to be key
  5. try experimenting with unsalted cashews only. I cant handle nuts but cashews seem to be actually clearing me. It's odd
  6. I've chopped and changed and through a bit of trial and error have come up with an idea that seems to be working (no new zits). What I do is run/jog for exactly 10 minutes just before I eat a meal. So it equates to half an hour of jogging per day but seems much easier to stick to when you break it up in smaller intervals and reward yourself with a meal straight after. From my experiences through said trial and error and discovered walking is not good enough, it's gotta be jogging. I'd like
  7. yeah buddy try glucomannan also known as konjac root. It is the most powerful soluble fiber you can buy and it;s from a natural plant. eat it 10 mins before every meal and it will curb the acne causing insulin spike that occurs from sugary carb meals
  8. I'm the king of experimentation and i've tried many many things for many years. There was a long period of time where i was eating the same three meals every day and i was completely perplexed as to why sometimes i would break out and other times i'd be ok. I think i have finally found the link. Just try this because for the past 3 days it has worked for me even when eating my high carby bread based breakfast. exercise 30 minutes BEFORE every meal. Not after just before. As in after you
  9. op is breaking out from the insulin spike that occurs after carb consumption. To counter this he will need soluble fiber taken just before every carby meal. The best cheapest form is a plant called konjac root aka glucomannan. This is the answer you are looking for and it WILL work. I know this because it worked for me.
  10. jj i feel for you brother and i'd like to share my advice to you as a former acne sufferer. ditch the yogurt and cheese. Most if not all of the other stuff seems not only fine but excellent selections. before any meal that contains bread consume konjac root aka glucomannan. This supplement is the secret key weapon. Every time you consume certain carbs found in bread and rice e.t.c your body produces an insulin spike straight after eating it and this causes breakouts. Konjac root is the most po
  11. lol girl coming from a decent looking male here you look perfectly fine, hot even. 9/10. The accutane is messing with your emotions. Don't take it again. Try and stay clear through diet changes instead.
  12. No for acne prevention purposes you are meant to take it just before each meal that you have. Oh and juice is generally not a good idea. The whole point of taking it is too curb the insulin spike that you get from sugary foods. Sugar spikes occur a small time after a meal is consumed hence the timing for when you take it.
  13. Coming from someone with years of experience taking p.husks I'm telling you the first choice you stated is ideal.
  14. I no longer have acne just rosacea so I'm gonna try this glucom/probiotic combo because I am deeply curious about it's healing effects. My stomach is making funny noises but it's all good, I'll see how it goes.
  15. Op sounds very switched on. I understand his situation. I can't quit caffeine. My advice would just be to up the soluble fiber and lose the fish oil. Avoid dairy and just see where that takes you as a first step to recovery.