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  1. Hey guys, I've been using Dan's moisturizer and adding 1 drop of jojoba oil to the blend. I've noticed that sometimes if it gets too close to my nasal passage (around the openings) my sinuses get incredibly inflamed. Just wondering if this is a common problem among all of you and how far away you stay from your nose area? Obviously I'm not applying moisturizer inside the nasal passage but the fumes seem to be potent enough to cause irritation. Also, question about tea tree oil as lip
  2. Hi I'm just starting the regiment after using a bunch of acne products (differin, over-the-counters, etc) in the past. I tend to wear sunblock SPF 55 on a regular basis but don't always regularly reapply it. I'm not in the sun a lot - just intermittent exposure- house to car, car to location XYZ. I wanted to ask how important it is to apply sun block with very limited or infrequent sun exposure while on BP (not using AHA). For instance, at 5:30pm sun or 6pm sun - if you are sitting u