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  1. Hey many thanks for helping out! Just wanted to ask, by dairy products you mean also milk? I drink milk atleast one glass a day, and yea to add to that I drink at least 2 cups of tea everyday. After reading a lot on the internet on how milk et al causes cystic acne, I am thinking of avoiding it for a few weeks. So whatever applies to plain milk, is that even true for tea? We usually have tea with milk in it !
  2. Hi everyone! I have 3 problems that I need help with ! 1) Cyst on face: Image 1 , Image 2 In image 1, I have marked 4 spots. The spot 1 is a cyst that I have now for over 2 years. It isnt painful but its there and shows no sign of going away. At spot 2, i had a cyst like pimple, which popped and later on left this scar, which feels like a half sphere. It doesnt pain at all, but feels like a thick lump of skin. Spots 3 and 4 are pimples that have come up just a few days ago and they hurt a
  3. Hey hi everyone, its an amazing community where people are discussing and helping each other out! A) I am having this case of cystic acne on face and it is turning into a very bad condition for me, as the infection seems to be spreading. I am putting up pictures so that you can get a clear idea. I have marked important areas with numbers in the 1st image Right cheek 1 with labels Right cheek 2 1 - this is a cystic bump that i have had now since 2.5 years, and it is clearly visible from dist