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  1. Yea you definitely have to be patient, but when I started doing my "extra gentle" method, I saw results in a couple of weeks. It was pretty amazing. I thought I was being gentle when I first started but I guess it just wasn't gentle enough
  2. If you are reading this and are one of the people who are still trying to get clear, then trust me...I was exactly where you were! About 4 months ago I started the regimen and as the weeks went by, I didn't see any success. I would constantly see posts about how people were succeeding and how that if you just stick with it, it will work out eventually. Man, did I hate those people! I was just so upset that every kind of treatment, medication, or regimen I had ever tried always seemed to wor
  3. I tried it for a month and did not see any improvements. However, it did not make my face worse so at least it kept it neutral.
  4. Thanks for all the help everyone! Yea, I agree that sunblock will be really important for me this week as I'm going to be out in the sun alot. Great advice from everyone and I will make use of it during this week. Thanks again! I'm staying in Fort Myers. We usually go to the ocean side so we're trying something new this year. I heard the beaches on this side are suppose to be really nice but so far, I think the ocean side has been better. Have you been on this side before? Any recomme
  5. I am at the beach in florida this week and I'm not sure what I should do about the regimen. Obviously we will be going to the beach at some point in the day, so I'm not sure when or if I should do my morning application of the regimen. If I go to the beach early in the day, I can just wait until after I get back from the beach to take a shower and do my first application because it will give me enough time in between before I do it again before I go to bed. However, if we go to the beach or p
  6. I know what you mean. Sometimes my face gets itchy and its very tempting to scratch. You must avoid that at all costs! If you really can't stand it, gently rub the itch with your finger. Make sure you don't use your nail because there is alot of dirt in their that can get to your pores. I use that as a last resort.
  7. I've watched Dan's video several times when he applies the BP and when I first started the regimen, I did it exactly like he did. However, for some reason it still didn't seem to work. Recently (last 5 days) I tried something new. I still did the regimen the same, but I was EXTRA EXTRA gentle when applying anything on my face. I use Aveeno ultra calming foaming face wash which I must add is AWESOME. I'm not into the whole science about it but I use it because someone said that the PH level
  8. You are in the same exact position I'm in. I have a big circle of friends but I still get that lonliness feeling. I'm still the one calling people up to find out whats going on. I have to make the effort to see whats up with everyone. It's really hard to explain why that is. I know they don't intentionally do it but it seems like I just get forgotten sometimes. It used to bum me out but then I realized that there is so much for me to do in this life than to worry about why my friends don't
  9. B5 doesn't work for everyone. I tried that regimen for 4 months and it didn't work. I also have a few friends that tried it. It worked for 2 of them but the rest of them were of luck like me.
  10. Thanks everyone. I think I will try the Neutrogena one. That's a moisturizer too right? And can I get it at any local drugstore? Thanks again for the awesome help!
  11. awesome thanks for the help
  12. Can someone please recommend any CSR friendly AHA lotions? I want to add it into my regimen to help fade my red marks. Currently I'm using the Eucerin moisturizer with SPF15 and lactic acid but I was wondering if I could put something stronger to help fade the marks faster. I don't think I'll have problems with irritation as I can put a full, fat finger of BP on my face and it doesn't even dry out my face. I just put a dab of the moisturizer just for extra measures. So any suggestions?
  13. I've been doing the regimen now for almost 2 months and although I'm not completely clear, I've seen pretty good results especially since I am also taking antibiotics. Here's my dilemma: At first when I started using the BP, my skin would of course get somewhat dry and the moisturizer would pretty much do the trick. However, now that I've been on the regimen for a while, the BP doesn't really make my face dry. Even after waiting 20 minutes after I've applied the BP I don't even see any flake
  14. Let him go now. Tell him you're not interested. I agree with the karma people that if you play him, it'll only come back around to you. Plus that's just f*cked up, haha.
  15. Verdizzy


    Dayam! Very purty!
  16. This is going to sound funny but this is kind of like knowing when it's the right time in a relationship to fart in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you think you are going to be with that person forever then you're going to have to eventually expose the real you. That means showing yourself with no makeup. If they don't like you without it, then they aren't liking the real you. I think it seems almost as if you're scared to show the other person that you aren't perfect. But when you
  17. Verdizzy


    You're a sweetie Raleigh If you lived in VA I'd take you to the beach and we could eat ice cream together in the sun, haha MUAH
  18. From the album: Verdizzy

    Relieved after a show.
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    Pimped out pics of yours truly
  20. I'd like to try a SA product with a good ph as recommended by snow queen. Are there any recommendations out there? I'd probably use it once every other day or so just to aid the regimen.
  21. Hello everyone, I've been on the regimen for about a month now with decent results. I started taking 100mg Doryx twice a day about the same time as a started the regimen so it's hard for me to tell if it's the regimen that's been working or if it's on the Doryx. I'm pretty sure it's both. I still get a breakout here and there, but they vanish faster and instead of getting like 3 new pimples, I'm only getting 1. Now here's my concern. I just went to the derm for a chemical peel and as expec
  22. This is an interesting topic. Can anyone else contribute? Snow Queen's theory sounds pretty good. Can anyone back it or recommend safe SA products that you could use with the regimen? Also, would you put it on before applying the BP?