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  1. thanks for the update femina, glad to hear things are progessing along for you. i'm still waiting to do my second cross. going to wait a little while longer. haven't seen much improvement so far.
  2. getting peels from ebay can be a bit sketchy. there's no real way of verifying what the actual stength of tca is unless you bring it to a lab. as far as using 100% for all over your face, DONT DO IT! it will burn your face off! you have to go with a much much lower strength. I've of heard of 12% being used. i would search the boards and research a little more. especially if you are going to put acid all over your face, you want to have as much knowledge as possible before doing it
  3. Hi Femina, Do you have any updates from your 4th cross? How are things going?
  4. Check your ISP? Ha! Your ISP could be dynamic: different everytime you log on! Your anger and defensiveness makes you really transparent.
  5. After doing some research on Julie, I found out that she has been BANNED from Ebay by the Safety and Fraud Department. If that isn't a red flag, I don't know what is. Her defensive flimsy story about how she got banned is beyond pathetic. Information on Julie getting banned from ebay is here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=98383&hl=
  6. Whatever. Fake pics are fake pics. I'm sure this board is full of spammers posing as actual posters. Its a ploy to get people to subscribe to their "magic snake oil" products. Falsely promising miraculous overnight results to anyone desperate enough to believe it possible, they prey on the emotionally weak and vulnerable. We all know that if we could magically "cure" our scars we would. But scar revision seems to be a slow and often frustrating process of trial and error involving multiple p
  7. Thank you for the post Healthysceptic
  8. If you want to give away your money to a con artist, go ahead throw it away. I hope more discerning folks will make wiser decisions and not fall so easily for all these fake pics. Yes, TCA has proven results over time, but why not buy from someone else with more integrity and scruples. Julie is a scam artist. BUYER BEWARE.
  9. Julie and her website should be fined and arrested for promoting lies and taking advantage of people. all these pictures are so OBVIOUSLY fake. Please dont buy from her site. She's a complete con-artist! Julie if you're reading this, you should be completely ashamed of yourself, karma is going to come around and bite you in the ass.
  10. I've ordered from mytcapeel and the tca frosted almost immediately. seemed very strong. if anything, i wouldn't reccommend ordering from julie. in my opinion she uses fake pictures to promote lies and take advantage of people.
  11. hey zombie, i have large pores and i find that when i've used neutrogena sunless tanner, it settles in to my pores and makes them look ten times worse, like they're blackheads or something. is the st tropez sunless tanning ok to use for enlarged pores?
  12. stay away! she posts fake pics on numerous scar boards trying to scam people! order from a more reputable site.
  13. brokeninside, were your scars rolling scars? what kind of improvement did you see? also what % of TCA did you use? thanks
  14. Tazorac is prescription only. It is retinol based and therefore helps promote collagen growth. Though many claim to have had dramatic results with scar improvement from using Tazorac alone, it is not very likely that you can get drastic improvements from just using the tazorac by itself, especially if you have moderate to deep scarring.