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  1. i'm currently using BHA2% too. I guess i have to be more patient too! been using it for 2+weeks now. Seeing improvement, but skin still seems to be purging.
  2. wow, your skin looks so good now! it's glowing (: congrats!
  3. Current state of my skin: Pores/Blackheads on nose and chin > yearssssss old, but manageable 10 -15 Micro clogged pores ( oil clogs under the skin, visible under bright lights) on forehead, jawline and cheek per side > 1 week - few months old Slowly lightening pimple scars on cheeks and chin > 1-3 weeks old 1 slightly inflamed, doesn't hurt pimple (w/o head yet) beside nose area > 2 days old 1 slightly inflamed clogged pore > 2 days old Mainly my issue is with