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  1. I finally finished my sixth and last month of Accutane, 40mg/twice a day, yesterday. As far as cysts go, I've had maybe four of them (more like big whiteheads) since starting, but not on my face. I'm pretty thrilled with the results, and literally after the first week I haven't had to do anything to my skin except wash it with a mild facial cleanser with SA, and moisturize at night. Here are some of my experiences/advice during my six months: 1. You really need to moisturize your lips and
  2. It's a pretty common side effect, almost like a pre-eczema condition. It comes and goes on the back of my hands and upper arms. I would just drink a lot of water, use a lot of moisturizer, and use as mild a soap as you can. Don't overwash. I really like the Lever 2000 soap myself.
  3. I guess I have very sensitive skin, but I've tried an electric in the past (several times in fact, and all the expensive Braun, Norelco stuff) and they always irritate me much worse than shaving. My routine is to shave in the shower, after I've been in there a bit. This makes a big difference, as does using a very sharp blade (I change mine every five days). I also lather up using a barbers brush, which helps the hair stand up better. A couple of years ago I started to get patches on my chin
  4. I'm just finishing up month five, and hopefully will only have one more month of this stuff. One thing I've noticed over the last few months is that I cut the hell out of myself virtually every time I shave. It's strange though, it seems to go in stages, for a week or two everything seems pretty normal and I don't get cuts. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my water intake or moisturizing. I've never had whitehead problem, but I've gotten two very large whiteheads in unusual places
  5. acne usually meant having maybe one cyst that would take forever to heal, and then usually replaced by another. Some of these were pretty nasty and have left some minor scarring, but rarely had more than one at a time. Occasionally I would go a few weeks without any problems, but that was rare, and usually after a month or so of a new antibiotic, which would help a lot for maybe six months, then I'd get a worse breakout. This pattern repeated for an easy ten years before I got tired of it and
  6. I'm in my fourth month of Accutane (80mg/day) and I had moderate but recurring cystic acne, which has been completely eliminated. I've never had much of a problem with whiteheads, but I've seen a few very small, hard whiteheads since starting the Accutane. Mostly I get them on my chest, which is strange since I never had acne on my chest, just my face and back. I also get eczema if I don't moisturize, but that's pretty normal with Accutane.
  7. I'm in my third month of Accutane, and one side effect I've really started to notice is how easily damaged my skin is. I used to rarely cut myself shaving, but now it happens daily, and I'm particularly careful. I get very nasty paper cuts from harmless brushes with paper. Every new pair of shoes I get gives me bad blisters. I play the guitar, and I can literally see the skin on my fingertips abrading off on the strings as I play. I've got a little eczema on the back of my hands also. All
  8. and I'm in my third month of Accutane. I have noticed the texture of my hair has changed dramatically. I've never had dry hair, but now it's extremely dry, and I have to use a conditioner daily, something I've never needed to do.
  9. I'm mid-30's, fighting mostly mild cystic acne since my late teens. I basically spent about 20 years on and off most of the common antibiotics, both topical and oral, and Rentin-A. About a year ago, I noticed patch on my chin where the hair stopped growing, and eventually got very patchy all over the lower part of my beard area. I have dark hair and a course beard (I'm clean shaven), so this was a major pain, as I have to shave twice a day to keep the patches from being too visible. Shaving
  10. My dermatologist also has a line of skin care products, including a few aimed specifically at razor bumps. I don't generally have this problem, but I do use his acne wash product and have good results. The web site is www.mooreunique.com. From what I gather, his razor bump treatment is quite well known in the black community, and I've met a couple of guys in his office that swear by it. I have found that I occasionally get razor bumps if I shave with a dull blade, or don't soak my skin long
  11. I'm I the only person who read this post that isn't a little stunned that a doctor would prescribe Accutane right off the bat for what sounds like fairly mild acne? The people who post to this forum are only a small sample of acne sufferers, and likely those with chronic battles that motivated them seek this out, hence the large number of Accutane users. There are a dozen or more effective antibiotics, oral and topical, Retin-A...and on and on, that have worked for a lot of people, without the
  12. I'm on Accutane, just started week #6, for what I would consider mild but ongoing cysts in my 30's. Overall, I haven't had any real breakouts since starting, but a couple of old spots seem to take forever to heal, and if your on Accutane I would strongly suggest you don't pick or touch your skin. My lips feel like they're coated with plastic, and my skin pinkish and a bit sensitive. My "initial breakout" was more like getting a few very small whiteheads and blackheads, something I didn't have
  13. I'm a mid-30's male that got moderate acne in my mid-20's, and ran through all the usual oral antibiotics, Rentin-A treatments, etc. No treatment has really worked for any length of time, and finally I was tired of the constant battle and talked to my doctor about Accutane. He told me it's very effective, and would probably take care of the acne once and for all, though a second treatment is necessary in around 20% of those that use it. We decided to move forward with the Accutane, which I st