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  1. there is hope basically, dont frey. :dance:
  2. 1)Before -- January 5 2006 2)Midway -- April 2006 (with BP on) 3)After -- February 19 2007 http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne1.JPG http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne2.JPG http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/Picture.jpg
  3. Derm gave me this junk and gave me an appointment with a laser doctor. Anyone use Bactrim DS. I hear its very effective and right below accutane
  4. my back is back to hell again . going to derm tomm. it looks like shit. i need several cortizone shots
  5. keep the votes up. we might be able to categorize effectiveness. post ur special way if u have a new crazy way and try to provide pics
  6. hydroquinone is ur best bet. but i think bio oil works for all skin colors. it has helped me a lot. im white, but it cures stretchmarks. so this should be similar to cocoa butter but not comedonic
  7. well thanks guys, but i hope to get it much better than that ill show u newer pics every two weeks and not lie like some do. hopefull ill get 80% better than what it is now
  8. DougEFresh


    Can you guys rate my back out of 100. remember some marks cannot be seen. http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne1.JPG -- Jan 2006 http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne2.JPG -- April 2006 http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne3.JPG -- May 2006 http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne4.JPG -- June 27, 2006 (With flash) http://codegamerx.googlepages.com/bacne5.JPG -- June 28, 2006 (With sunlight)
  9. Is it really as good as everyone says it is? i can buy those purpose bars for like 3 bucks, so the csr must be muchh muchh better. how long does it last?
  10. hey thx for the tip, i bought some. the us needs to make some lol. but i think its helping, i have been using it since thursday morning i think, i think it is working, but i did breakout in one spot where my redmarks were... . ill keep doing it though. This stuff lasts forever, i think i may have used 5% of it already lol. Ill def know the diff when im done with the bottle
  11. What would u rate the highest quality of creme vs. the procedure? Thanks and would you still need to wait 72 hours before performing it again?
  12. so is this a little more effective with than the purpose bar minus the mild iratation
  13. 20g per day should work good . seriously. go 5 g for 3 days go 10g for 3 days go 15g for 3 days and keep going 20g for up to 6 months. Buy your B5 and BulkNutrition.com i bought a months supply there for like 30 bucks. ( I drink 20g per day.)