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  1. Hi, So I just got back from a dermatologist, who told me I have cysts on my face. I would take pictures, but I only have a poor macbook camera and a phone camera, both of which do not pick up detail and accentuate pink colors (which can make my skin look far worse than it really is, imo). Basically, my acne almost always comes as papules/pastules with white heads, however sometimes I get red bumps that take a little while to come to a head. However, these red bumps are literally never painful u
  2. Hi, I took doxy twice a day about 7 months ago and then went down to 1 pill a day and have been like that for a while. Before this, I took minocycline and had gone down to 1 pill every other day, but my dermatologist told me this was such a low dosage that I had probably developed some sort of immunity. Anyway, I have decided to stop taking doxycycline (and actually going to stop using benzoyl peroxide too, as a matter of fact, maybe switch to just using water and maybe tea tree oil in the show