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    dance and texting = LOVE<br />thats all you need to know [:

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  1. Not in, but a friend of mine lives there so I go every once in a while.

    1. ohhhh. dont you live in san diego? cause im going back there over thanksgiving break i thinkk. not sure though

      1. lol no I'm not mad :P. I just remember a while back you were telling me how you just got back from San Diego or something.

        1. how did you find out i went to cali? and why are you mad?loll.

          1. according to that chart i am 'low'.
          2. uhmm playa del carmen? haha

            and hooray for getting a job! what is it?

            1. ha where did you go?? :o, ive been alright, i got a job!

              1. a great night 2 u to. just thinka bout how bored u were and you'll get into a comatose state pretty quick

                1. lol. will do [: goodnightt

                  1. I liked it. It was real cute and reminded me of "Jersey Girl" with Ben Affleck. The Rock was in "The Game Plan." Well, it was very nice talking 2 u. But b4 I leave, I have to leave you with this thought. If u haven't seen "the dark knight," see it. ledger is freakin amazing. lol!

                    1. hmmm i dont think ive ever seen that movie. but it makes me laugh when people are like "ballet is just twirling and jumping" because its one of the most athletic things EVER. haha :P

                      1. Ballet, huh. LOL! I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "The Game Plan." Great movie nut anyway, lol, it has an interesting take on ballet. There's this big macho QB who doesn't think it's a sport. Long story short .... he finds out the hard way. I got shit from football players all the time about soccer.

                        1. wisdom teeth? ouchh. i had to use one of those pack things on my toes about 2 weeks ago, because everyday i had about 6 hours of ballet class and my toes were wicked sore afterwards. thank god thats over. haha

                          1. will cut down on the chances of leaving a bad scar or a horrible red mark.... I hate marks that linger .... so I use this methed.... correction ..... used! LOL! I'll be very careful next time.

                            1. I have this water packet that you can either microwave or freeze .... I was given it when I had my wisdom teeth cut out .... anyway, I froze it too cold and I stuck it 2 my fave for like 2 minutes. It burned so bad .... I was trying to make this inflamed mark go down .... if you immediately cool something irritated or recently bruised you