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  1. also my sleeping hours have changed dramatically do you think this may come into affect aswell?
  2. i have just goten back from a wonderful holiday but after it i am experiencing major break outs, this is the worst my acne has been in my life, at the hotel i was stayin at the shower broke down for some god damn reason and i was unable to shower for 6 days rite( i know this is bad but), do you think that this has contributed to me breaking out? But also ive been applying benzac 2.5% this is the first time i have used the product (been using it for a week), do you think that it mite be the probl
  3. Is Nivea for men deep cleansing face scrub a good product to use as an exfoliant and to unclog my pores? and if i use this with bp what should i apply first?
  4. ok and will it unclogg my pores
  5. will baking soda make you break out instantly for a while? and will it unclogg pores thank you
  6. ok well how about in moderation
  7. i remember reading an artice saying that a combination of Vitamin A and BP is one of the effective ways to treat acne. so does this mean if we consume loads of Vitamin A our skin will clear up? with the BP of course
  8. yeah i do that alot lol its hard to stop The past day or two my face has started to clear up, hopefully i can keep improving my skin
  9. is there any home treatments i can do?
  10. yeah i dont particularly want to squeeze them lol any other advice on how to clear clogged pores
  11. how can i get rid of my clogged pores? and will the dip regime work or am i waisting my time, ive been on it for a couple of days now
  12. sorry for big pictures. i need this to go away because i have a formal coming up and i want to look my best, got any ideas of how to treat this kind of acne, its really annoying