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  1. So many new people and new blogs, I knew I could find you all here! Hope you guys are all doing good!
  2. Thanks Rachel! I noticed a big difference in hair loss. I have long hair and have always shed alot but with being on accutane it didn't quite double but it was alot. I stopped washing my hair everyday (this is always when I noticed it the most). Its actually really nice not having to wash my hair everyday. Sooooo I got the best news yesterday!! I had my routine monthly appt. with my Derm and he said I'm done, no more accutane for me! I was taken aback because I was supposed to complete a
  3. Not done yet, still got one more month to go! But I do still get breakouts, no cysts though! The breakouts I get now are really minor and go away within a day or 2. I remember month 1 and 2 it was the hardest to get through. Time seemed to go so slow, but once you pass month 4 you will see such an improvement (if not earlier). It takes time which I'm sure you're so sick of hearing LOL I wish I could fast forward it for ya.
  4. I hear ya, I am so exhausted of always being exhausted but we're almost there!
  5. Yay so happy for ya! I woke up today with very red eyes I should be thankful I've been able to wear my contacts up to this point. Hopefully a slight break of wearing my glasses will get them back into tip top shape!
  6. I am so close I can feel it Lol just a little bit longer Rachel, how in the heck did you get so lucky?! My lips hate me, seriously if they could disown me, they probably would! Were you ever on 60mgs? I noticed a difference from 40 to 60 but nothing from 60 to 80mgs. But I am so happy to be on 80mgs now. Best wishes to you!
  7. Oh good! Are things back to normal for you already? I swear I'm surprised my lips haven't said screw this Im outta here and just fallen off my face. I can't wait for normalcy again! Lol
  8. I just read on another forum that you should be completely clear for 2 months. Not sure if thats accurate or not, but it says the chances of relapse go down if they do not stop Accutane until 2 months without a breakout. I'm pretty much clear too, but I do get a minor breakout from time to time, they only last a day or 2 but I still get them. I couldn't imagine how long it would take me to be completely clear for 2 months. Did your dr say anything to you about this? I sure hope thats not the cas
  9. Yay!!! So happy for you! And jealous! Wish you the best and thanks for going through it with me, I can't wait until I'm done. Good luck to you friend!!
  10. Yeah if I remember right I had to get my blood test right at 30 days too.
  11. I take 2 pills too I was actually happy to be bumped up higher, it eases my mind a bit lol
  12. Catmama, I see no trace of a pimple anywhere!! Fabbbulous!