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  1. Hey im just wondering is it possible to break out from bananas? seems like everytime i have a banana or 2 i get 1-2 white heads 1-2 days after.. Im not 100 % it is the banana but so im just wondering if someone has any experince about that? /Marcus
  2. Hi ive been on this bowel cleansing program for 8 days now and the last 2 days ive been breaking out like crazy , also in places wich i normaly dont get zits like my forhead .. Feeling kinda blue at the moment I havent changed my diet so i think this is because im cleaning out the junk in my body Anyone with experince of this ? Also im thinking of doing some kind of fast to let the body rest , anyone with some pointers to some good fasting products? /Marcus
  3. Hi i have a few questions about bowel and liver flushes.. Ive´just orderd a bowel cleansing product and i just wonder when can i start to flush my liver ? Ive read that u should clean your colonic first then u can start to flush or else al the toxins would get worse or something like that Can i start now right away or should a wait a litle? Anyone who have any experince who could help me ?
  4. Hey ive read some about cleaning colon and liver and it sounds interesting.. Ive also read about fasting and i think im going to give it a try as this weekend will be perfect.. Anways i dont have any detoxing herbs or such so im wondering can i still fast without them ? IM taking probotics and ive read u can make some fruit juices to help with energy.. Anyone with some pointers? I think i will try it for 4-5 days /Marcus
  5. Have anyone tryed this? Is it good for the skin ? Ive just orderd some so anyone with experince of it plz let me know take care
  6. Does Alo vera help fight candida?
  7. i just bought alo vera juice is it the same ?
  8. Yuk i did the test and i scored a 12. Then i did the spit test yikes i really have candia lol.. I bought probotics drinks and la pacho te today Anything else i might add in my arsenal like garlic pills?(where do i buy this) and coconut oil is good to ? Can i eat regular garlic instead of taking garlic pills? peace!
  9. I was just thinking of getting a hair cut and i just recalled that when i got short hair it seams like i get less acne.. When it was winter i hadent had a hair cut for like 3 months ( cold so good to have some hair lol ) and then when i had a hair cut and i noticed that my face was getting a littlbe bit clearer Maybe oil from the hair cause some acne?
  10. Hey so im thinking of doing a liver flush but ive read that u should first of all buy some herbs and kill your parasites first.. But i cant really afford 200 $ of herbs atm so im just wondering is it safe to start flushing or should i wait untill i can afford the herbs and kill the parasites first? Does liver flushing affect your acne ? Also ive started to cut out fast food and sugar and such Ive read that bread aint good to eat so ive cut most of them out ( i really love bread ) I now eat eggs
  11. Hey everyone Im thinking of doing a blood test to see if im allergic to any type of food .. Ive read on the forum about ppl taking one and im just wondering where can i take a test like this? At the hospital? I really would appriceate som info on this and maybe someone could post their experince with it ? take care
  12. hye man hope u had fun on your prom Ive been reading a lot on accutane the last month i like your attitude hang in there you will soon be clear:P Ive just stared a "cure" with Omnilux light theraphy and if this wont work i guess im going on accutane I will propably wait for winter though as the sun is evil when on tane hehe take care
  13. Whats the side effects of minocycle ? Like u cant drink alchohol with it ?
  14. Hey.. I dont know if this is much of a help but i used to have bad acne in my hair so my barber recomended a schampo called BIO+ I started to use it and i dont get any acne in my hair anymore wich is nice I live in sweden so dunno if they sell it anywhere else and dont know if it helps with shoulders or forehead but well
  15. Yes it does I just had ha very good talk with my father about my acne and we when we talked we got in to that my acne became much much worse when i started working at post office warhouse ( sorry bad english). I was eating and sleeping wrong but the main factor was that i was loading trucks and i got a lot of dust on my skin and in my nose and i hade mild acne at that point when i started working there but after a week a got a really big infected zit on my cheek and my acne just became the worst
  16. Hello im thinking of starting dans regim but the producs that drugstore selling cant be shipped to sweden Just wondering anyone else from sweden with som pointers or anyone else? Really tierd of my acne Take care
  17. Hi has anyone used murad pure skin clarifying supplement before? I just started to use it 3 days ago and im breaking out like crazy now many whiteheads wich i normaly dont got so much of... Is this just a cleansing peroid ? says that it should reduce breakouts by 55 % in 6 weeks.. My face has hasent been this bad in 6 months or so and im getting really depressed cant stop thinking about it http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?...&minisite=10020 there u can read about the product Take c
  18. Hi there my name is Marcus and this is my first post here woho Anyways im going to go on Diferin in about 10 days just wondering if anyone of u guys got any experince of it? It looks that it has some nast side effekts like redness and your skin gets dry etc so i am a litle bit worried:( Sorry if my english aint that good /Marcus