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  1. Day 16 Nothing too new to report. Getting a few mild breakouts on my forehead where I never break out anymore! Also have a few clogged pores on my cheeks and nose that I have picked a little Had been doing really well about not picking my skin but some of these zits that are drying up are begging to be popped! Must resist the urge! lol
  2. Day 14 Wow, two weeks already! Forgive me in the lapse in my blog; I just got over being really sick So far, so good. Been getting small breakouts which is awesome since I haven't been getting the big nasties! Woot!! My skin is pretty much normal, not oily or dry. Only side affects so far are dry eyes, skin rashes (on body), and slightly dry eyes. That's all for now; I promise to be more vigilant about updating my log!! Cat
  3. Glad to hear that you are making so much progess! It's reading stuff like your blog that makes me hang in there and stay patient As for the makeup issue...I like to GENTLY exfoliate, cleanse/moisturize, and use a primer. I like L'oreal's magic perfecting base. I'd maybe try a cream foundation for the time being because anything geared for oily/normal skin is going to look cakey. Hope this helps some Cat
  4. Day 10 Ok sorry for missing a few days in there, folks! Had a job interview and also working a TON. (and by the way...the interview went well!) My skin has finally been dry/normal. It's not crazy dry just slightly dry. My last course I ended at 80 mg/day (for reference, I weigh 110 pounds), so the next appointment I go to, my derm is going to bump me up to 40 mg/day, woot. My eyes are very red and dry and my scalp has also dried out a bit too. It's nice to put on my makeup and have it stay a
  5. Well thanks Do you have a blog also that I may check out Cat
  6. LOL your poop question isn't any more gross than all of us talking about acne, so I think you are fine Last time I was on accutane I actually experienced the uncomfortable feel you are talking about in addition to some blood (gross, I know). I was freaking out after that incident but apparently it is just part of the side effects; I found that accutane dried up my butt just like the rest of me! If it is minor, I'd just slap some aquaphor on it and call it a day. Best of luck to you in your ac
  7. Day 7 Ok, so even though my skin is worse today than it was yesterday, I think I may be through the worst of it. My skin finally seems to have dried out and isn't oozing grease any longer. I actually had to slather on jojoba oil and cetaphil cream this afternoon. However, my face is starting to get red which I detest because it makes me look sunburned! The cyst above my eyebrow is pretty much dead but still kinda looks gross (I picked it a little the other day!). The cyst/whitehead combo belo
  8. Hi rocket! Glad to see someone is reading my blog! My skin sounds very similiar to yours; after accutane, my skin is fine for about a year and then the cycle begins again, lol. I have a sinking feeling this will not be my last round of accutane though...my mom (who is post-menopausal) has had persistant cystic acne despite several accutane rounds also. I have a feeling for me it is largely genetic I feel so embarassed when I am working (work at a college campus) and my skin is was worse tha
  9. I think this is day six or so...who knows! My skin is still freaking out! I wouldn't mind dry skin, but I don't want both dry skin and oily skin! Still waiting for the oil to clear up. Soon I hope! About the cysty whitehead under chin... I had to pop it!! It is painfull on top of looking disgusting and can't even really be covered my makeup Ugh.. Does anyone read blog at all???
  10. Pallido makes powdered rice paper sheets for blotting; they are sold at ULTA and Sally's beauty supply stores. Hope that helps
  11. You are looking great in such a short amount of time! You are a beautiful lady I am about 5 days into my course and my skin is flipping out bigtime. Wish I could hide but I am trying to stay positive Cat
  12. So I think technically this is Day 5. Ugh. My skin is beyond disgusting. All the oil that was in my pores is oozing out en mass; on top of that, I am starting to get red skin and flaking. My face was greased up today in like, an hour. It felt so gross and its actually worse than usual. Has this happened to anyone before? I have been sprouting up cysts like none other. Prior to starting accutane, I was (temporarily) clear. Now I have one above my eye brow and like four on my chin. The good thi
  13. Hey girl! Just wanted to pop in and say hang in there...I know how rough it can be sometimes (I am going through that myself right now). I too notice all my friends' skin and even though some of them have bad breakouts on occasion, they don't have the scarring like I do By the way, I LOVE AUSTRALIA! Had a chance to go to study abroad there and LOVED IT! Such an awesome country with great people!
  14. Aw, you are such a cutie I know what you mean about wanting to hibernate, especially when your skin is acting up. I just started accutane (again) and I wish I could hide for a few months. As for the chapstick...I really like Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. It works better than anything I have used before
  15. Ugh, my skin is so disgusting right now! It's a henious combo of greasy and parched AND broken out, which feels really gross and uncomfortable. My lips are starting to get dry although it may be due to the weather, not sure. Either way, I kinda wish I could just hide inside for a week or so I have a few cysts on my face which oddly enough, don't bother me at the moment; its just the bumpy clogged pores that piss me off!!! I have been taking my accutane with a glass of whole milk at night and