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  1. Adult members thinking about performing TCA CROSS, please do yourself a favor and read the entire thread, and pay attention to as much details as your can. I assume you understand the risk involved in the procedure. Underage ( teenager) members, on the other hand, please hear me out. There is risk involved with this procedure even when performed by a doc, and the risk is even higher when performing it yourself. One mishap or bad reaction could easily leave you permenantly scarred or even
  2. Thanks Canada1 for the information.
  3. Hi Canada1, May I ask which doc you are going to for the SB? Thanks.
  4. No problem Silas. I agree even the 50% TCA is serious stuff and can be dangerous if misused. Day 5 morning: Pit 1 has shrunk quite a bit. If it wasn't for the bright red dot in the middle, I'd say it looks better (smaller) than before the treatment. I no longer see the cavity created by the toothpick. (note again I sized down the tip of the toothpick for pit 2 to 8. Pit 2 - 8 Still white ... no black scabbing yet.
  5. armani, I have pits all over my face and nose, most of them are the 1mm in diameter, some as wide as 2mm. 1. I just started testing 50% TCA CROSS on some test pits. Details in the 100% TCA CROSS Thread. I need a couple weeks before I have anything useful to report. 2. I had one SmoothBeam, but it left a lot of brown patches on my face. I am using Retina and Obagi Blender to lighten those patches. So no more SB for my olive, asian skin. 3. Mandelic Acid - I use it as a gentler alternative
  6. Silas, The directions appear to come from the phamplet I received in the 50% TCA shippment. One should read the whole phamlet to avoid taking the directios out of context. I have copied the whole content in the bottom for everyone's reference. I am not affiliated with this seller whatsoever, but I feel compelled to make a few observations. 1. I don't see 100% TCA mentioned anywhere, and there are plenty of warnings, so i don't think the seller is a lunatic who don't care about peopl
  7. Hey armani, here is an interesting book. http://www.nomoremrniceguy.com/ "Dr. Robert Glover, author of the book, No More Mr. Nice Guy (Running Press, 2003), is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. Dr. Glover’s exploration of the Nice Guy Syndrome grew out of a personal search for answers to his own confusion and frustration in love and life. No matter how hard he tried to be a good man and make other people happy, he never seemed to get back as much a
  8. Thanks Maya, I hope it works too. ) After spending so much $$ on treatments that does not work, it is ironic to find a cheap bottle of TCA and a toothpick the most promising treatment for myself. Day 4 Morning: The pits I did last night certainly don't look any larger. Looks like they are still frosting and scab has yet to form yet.
  9. Sorry I meant "after the scabs fall off". Thanks for the correction.
  10. Hi Armani, I am sorry about the break-up. But you have decided to do something about the source of your unhappiness, and that can only be a good thing. Like you, I am rather new here too. There are a lot of friendly, intelligent and supportive people here. Discussions that starts with inquiry about a treatment often evolves into findings or results. Just feel free to ask when you have questions. For starter, I personally find these topics find them useful. 100% TCA CROSS Smooth
  11. (This post moved here from the thread I created by mistake ... sorry) Day 3 Update: Day 1, Pit # 1, middle of the nose, originally about 0.5mm wide: I applied 50% TCA with a regular toothpick to pit 1. It went about 2 to 3mm in. I thought the pit was enlarged by the toothpick. Today, it look a bit smaller, but is still scabbing so I cannot make out what is going on inside. Day 3, Pit #2 to #8, middle and side of the nose, about 0.2mm wide each. This time, I sharpened the toothpick
  12. Thank you so much Maya. U da best! / Not much new to report today .... there is still a little hold in the middle of the scabbed pit. I am sure it will heal up in a couple weeks like yours. Take care.