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  1. I've been using it for a few days. I'm getting a few pimples from it I think. But they're not bad, just very little. I haven't noticed it controlling the oil though.
  2. it will go away eventually. i had the same problem for about a year (the last year of high school) but it went away during the summer. just dont pick them like i did. i regret it now, but oh well!
  3. the darker the spots the better. this means that they're slowly progressing and will soon clear up. many who have red marks will suddenly have brownish marks, and it is for that reason. just a progression.
  4. I went to buy some today at Shoppers. You might not find it (it was not where acne stuff or creams were located) so ask for assitance. The kind I bought was for Blotchy Skin, as the others were for bruises and things like that. It costs $16.99 for a 56 gram bottle. It's pretty small, much smaller than the box it comes in, but I imagine it lasts for a while! here is a link with info on vita k http://www.vitaksolution.com/vitakfaqs.htm
  5. there are MANY benefits from using olive oil on the skin (and on the inside also). i've been wanting to buy it as a body soap. The primary ingredients of olive oil include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Squalene. Vitamin A - antioxidant, skin regenerative properties, helps the skin stay soft, smooth and firm, increases elasticity, anti-aging benefits. Vitamin E - antioxidant with skin moisturizing systems and prevents skin irritation, anti-inflammatory properties. Be
  6. I've been doing this as well. The way it works is it scrubs off the dead skin and salt is also known for it's healing effects. That's why it is really healthy to bathe in salt waters.
  7. the juice i make the most is out of: 2 apples (or pears) 4 carrots 2 celery stalks 3 green or black or red kale stalks parsley (sometimes i add ginger) it's really tasty! lots of calcium, and vitamins....
  8. I'm a vegan and because of this I eat a lot of beans. I haven't noticed them having negative effects on my skin. Fibre is good for your internal organs, which also benefits your skin, so I think beans may be good for the skin, but I'm not sure. Buy a juicer! I juice veggies and fruit almost everyday. That is one of the ways I am certain I will get at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. I also drink a lot of soy and have not noticed anything. It depends if you use organic, vanilla
  9. I think that one of the main things the tape does is rushes blood to that particular spot when you tear the tape off. The blood helps further clean the skin from the inside, and allows more flow in that particular area. It's like dry skin body brushing, except tape.
  10. Your face is beautiful when you wake up (i noticed it with mine this morning, it was really nice) because it was resting. I guess that's why they call it beauty sleep! But once you wake up and wash it blood starts rushing to your face (or something like that)...
  11. There is an article in this month's issue of ALIVE on acne. It is a two page article so I will only transcribe the tips they give. Some tips: Vitamin A - very important for skin health; helps regulate sebum production. The usual recommended dosage is 25,000 IU daily for one to two months, then 10,000 IU daily. Do not exceed this amount unless advised by your doctor. Women who are pregnant should not exceed 5,000 IU daily. B vitamins - B-vitamin deficiencies have been associated with acn
  12. It is available here. I just bought some at a health store. I canceled the order online only a few minutes after I bought it and I might still be charged for it ($15 for shipping)! I emailed the company to cancel and instead I got a reply that I have been charged the $15 for shipping. I replied, hopefully he just misread my message.
  13. they dont send to canada... instead i bought it here: http://www.myvitanet.com/minjulmas8oz.html
  14. i've noticed the only reason it appears you have less acne if u sleep less is because you look pale and tired. if you sleep more your face will have more rest, so i recommend sleeping more!
  15. Is it available in Canada? If so, where? If not, is there an online store that anyone would recommend?