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  1. The regimen has been working well for me but I can't afford to order from overseas every 1.5 months. I ordered the normal size. The BP will probably last 3 months. The cleanser about 2. The Moisturizer lasts a month. Are there any good alternatives?
  2. After 2 weeks of using the regimen my acne is non existent. I broke out with 2 spots after the first week. But they started to fade before they reached maturity. I am surprised this worked after years of trying so many different projects. The thing is they tell you to keep adding more benzyl peroxide. I don't do this. Is it okay to keep using the same amount of BP without increasing the dosage up to 4 weeks?
  3. One question. Does it stink? I want a non stinky sunscreen if possible.
  4. So I been getting some dark spots in the sun. I'm black. I was wondering what would be a good sunscreen for me since I have never used any of that stuff.
  5. I think you wash it off because too much can burn. I myself didn't notice much from putting it on my face but I noticed that drinking it diluted in water made me get break outs a lot less often. I have seen people on youtube talking about it being useful as a topical treatment so I put a few drops in a water bottle that I spray my face with.
  6. I have one scare that it deeper than the rest and its darker than my normal skin tone. Its been there for some time now but I'm now noticing it has gotten darker will it fade eventually? If not whats the best procedure to improve this scars? TCA? I used this stuff called meladerm but it's a little expensive. It helped to lighten the marks. If it doesn't get rid of the marks completely, it speeds up the fading or at least stops them getting darker. These products with acid can be dangerous if y
  7. Try to avoid them at all cost. I got a lot more of these than you do. If the scar is deep enough it wont fade. You should use something on it ASAP. The icepick scars wont go. You can only get dermatologists to improve them. If the discoloration is new then you can use some product to even out the skintone but it's best to avoid the sun when you do.