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  1. I just recently started using Bobbie Brown. I went to the counter and got my color matched and had the guy pick out what type would work best for what I was going for. I live in Fl so it gets very humid and can make your makeup get so gross feeling on your face fast, also i needed good coverage without looking like i piled on tons of makeup. He picked out the compact that is creme to power that you apply with a brush, and then a bronzer. It looks sooo much better, I was using Bare Minerals a
  2. Thanks!! I will def look into it!!
  3. I live in Central FL as well. What was the place you found to do threading?? I used to get wax done (allover for some reason I cant stand fuze on my face, plus after I had my son my side of my cheeks got worse!) and it broke me out. Also irritated my skin badly.
  4. Thanks for replies. I actually went yesterday back to the mall and got a full refund for all the stuff I had bought. Then I went to another dept store and had the guy help me pick out the right color and type for my skin in Bobbie Brown. My sis had recently got some and loved it. I got the creme to powder compact and bronzer. It looks awesome. It had great coverage while looking like I have no makeup on at all. It is so light and non greasy on my skin as well. Also perfect color match.
  5. I was going through the make-up section and got caught by the Dior Lady at Dillards. She did my make-up and tried to get a good match. Well, I ended up buying the foundation, Foundation brush, powder, concealer, and bronzer. I got home and think that the color is all wrong. Anyone have experience with this brand?? Or do you have any suggestions on a brand?? I was using bare minerals and kinda got sic of it, but is has been hard to go back to a foundation and powder. Also, livin in FL the
  6. I am trying to find a new cleanser. How do u like your Rose hip seed cleanser? Have u tried the Wheat Germ Cleanser from Diana Yvonne? Thanks
  7. lionqueen let me know at ya think??? Current regimen: AM Purpose liquid wash, cetaphil spf 15 mosturizer PM Purpose liquid wash, GC 6 I just got the GC 6 last week and am working my way up to every night. Tonight I ordered GOW Mandelic 10% Alcohol free to try to add to my regimen in the am. I was also thinking of getthing the emu oil/ hyaluronic acid (both or one??) for mosturizer. Is my wash okay?? I aslo take GNC Womens Vita pak, eat mostly healthy. Drink lots of water. Love it!! Mak
  8. Thanks for the replies!! I actually got desperate for new makeup and ordered some from Raesin Images Sun nite. Supposed to be really good for your skin. Will let you guys know how it is once I get it! I am soo impatient on waiting on new things in da mail!!!
  9. So wat are the majority of people using for mineral make up?? I have been using Bare Minerals and am not completely satisfied. It seems to look funny after a while and makes me look like I have more wrinkles (I'm 25). Looking for good coverage without putting on a ton of make up. Am out of makeup, and need hel[ fast deciding on new brand!! Thanks.