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  1. I finished my accutane course and my derm said I had to get another blood test now that I'm finished..... F*ck IPledge, I'm not taking off work to get a blood test for a medicine i don't need anymore!
  2. Same here... finished my course of accutane and my acne is gone but my blackheads are the same as before, just less oil.
  3. Ok so last night when I was applying CSR BP gel I noticed what I thought was a whitehead so I applied lots of BP gel to it. Then today when I was in class all of a sudden it felt like someone stabed my face- I could feel the pimple and it really hurt and I wasn't even touching it. In the past there were times when I could feel a zit started but it was only hurt a little. This time was bad- and it last for like 10 min and then stoped. Now I can see its getting bigger, but its not that red and
  4. I had a simular situation.......when I was 18 I went on Accutane but quit after 2 months because I found it difficult to concentrate and I was in school. My skin was beautiful for about 10 months after tane, but slowly my acne started to come back. At first it was very mild but over time it got worse. Now, 3 years later, my acne was worse then ever and I decided to give tane another try. I have not cleared up as fast as I did the first time but it is working.....I'm on my 4th month of accutane
  5. Ok so I'm on my FOURTH month of accutane, and my skin has gotten much worse then when I started it. I'm breaking out all the time now and my face is covered with scars. Even my derm was suprised I hadn't improved yet, but he said I should continue anyway. I want to try Dan's CSR- I bought the CSR benzoyl peroxide gel and I got it in the mail today. I want to know if any other accutane users have used CSR too and what precautions I should take. I know my skin is sensitive, but so far the dr
  6. If you have finished a course of Isotretinoin or have had your skin significantly clear up during your current course then please vote in my poll. I'm curious to see how long it takes to work on people. When I say 'significantly' cleared your skin, I mean the month/time in your course when you saw the biggest improvement in your skin- none/very few breakouts. Thanks!
  7. Dear CVS, I am a loyal customer of your Tarrytown and Hopewell Jct. New York locations. I have my pescriptions filled there as well as purchase merchase. I also have a CVS card. Recently I purchased CVS brand 'vanashing benzol peroxide cream' however I found the product unsatifactory- I don't know if it was sitting on the shelf for too long or if it the product itself, but it definatly was not 'vanishing.' It left big white chalky marks on my face. Since I wasn't satisified with the benzol p
  8. I am currently being tested for PCOS. Some other women on this site are also being tested/have it. Search for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome and have a read They are quite informative. Good luck. Lucy. How did you get your gyno to test you for PCOS? I have painful ovarian cysts (which have burst twice on me in the past) and whenever I told that to a gyno they just give me a pescription for birth control. I've reasearched PCOS online and I have many symptoms of it. I read an articl
  9. I am on my third month of Amnesteem as well. Consider yourself lucky that you have been clear......before amnesteem I only broke out around my period but now my acne is worse then ever, and the last three months I have been breaking out badly around my period. Even my derm was suprised that I hadn't cleared up yet. I'm expecting my period any day now, so hopefully once its over i'll finally be clear........
  10. I believe that PCOS has caused my acne. I have had my cysts burst twice on me, once when I was 15 and again when I was 19 on my right ovary. Both times I wasn't on birth control and it was very painful. Over the years my cystic acne has gone through phases, clearing up for a little while and then breaking out badly for a long time, despite being on birth control. My gyno never specifically diagnosed me with PCOS- every time I mentioned 'ovarian cysts' they just gave my pescriptions for birth c
  11. As far as your extra pounds, I would recommend the South Beach Diet. I tried it to shed of the "freshman 15" (15 lbs gained during freshman year) and it really worked. The first week was the hardest but after that it got easier and i continued to loose weight. And for you acne, well, you've come to the right place to try some solutions for that. I've been on accutane for over 3 months and still waiting for results. The first time I tried it was my freshman year (I'm a senior graduating now)
  12. Can you drink carrot juice while on accutane? or is that too much vitamin A?
  13. I'm on accutane and have been using Walgreens Scar gel, a generic form of neosporin on my scars. It hasn't really done anything for my existing acne scars, but it has helped fade my new ones. The only problem is that your supose to apply it 3-4 times a day, which is a lot for me.
  14. I just finished my third month and I'm worse now then when I started...