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    NO NO NO!

    NO NO NO!

    If I were you, I would avoid this product. It broke me out in cystic acne right along my cheekbones, and made my PIH and red marks extremely more red. My mom said it looked like my face was on fire with this product on. On the bright side, it did soften my skin and it kinda smelled good lmao..
  2. Hey guys! How you all feeling about your acne today? i feel GOOD! my scars are starting to look better since im doing urine therapy lmfao! Embarrassing but helpful. So im sure we've all felt REALLY down about our acne, and since acne.org are closing down posts that are mentally distressing.. i made a site. trustmethingsgetbetter.webs.com is a site i invented to extinguish all mental health and social issues.. including those caused by acne. I actually mention my acne experience on the site, p
  3. DAY 2 My skin doesn't really look better or worse, hoping for gradual results. My skin still feels really smooth and soft, breaking out less due to cutting out harsh facial scrubs. I think urine therapy is working quite well overall. Will have more updates as time goes on. Good luck acne sufferers
  4. Hey guys! So if you've seen my posts i have a mixture of small scars, hyperpigmentation, red marks and active acne (i would say moderate). i recently saw some threads on urine therapy (applying urine to face) for acne and it has lots of great reviews! i thought it was worth a shot, so im starting a blog here to inform you of the changes in my skin. So im on my first day of urine therapy, and theres pros and cons. pros my skin is SUPER SMOOTH! it feels really smooth and soft, its a great mois
  5. im no dermatologist so i cant really comment but i just wanted to say i love your skin tone and texture! You barely notice any scars. Good luck anyway
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCHHH! I said to my doctor and he is putting me on accutane. Its good to hear about accutane from someone who has used it, i can't wait now thank you!
  7. thank you i have am appointment with a derm which i can't WAIT for! Have you had laser treatment?
  8. i try to exercise but sometimes im not sure if its making it worse? Gosh these marks make me so angry, i wouldnt even mind acne just not these!! so is this PIH or red marks or scars?
  9. Okay so i'm a 15 year old boy and i suffer from what i would call moderate/moderate-severe acne, idk what you would class it as. Well here's my story. I got acne when i was 13, and i automatically applied products like toothpaste, tomatoes, potato peels, strawberries, emu oil, countless facewashes, salycylic acid and BP and more all of which left me with horrible red marks and some live acne WHICH SCARS TOO. Basically i've had these scars for a year and they will NOT go away. its ruining my
  10. Hey everyone i'm 15 years old and i suffer from red marks. if you feel my skin it feels soft and smooth.. but i have lots of red dots/marks all over my face. It is RUINING MY LIFE! i havent gone out with my friends since January and now they think im weird.. i cant go out looking like this. Ive tried everything under the sun. I was considering urine therapy has anyone had good results? Tbh i NEED a cure and just want someone to honestly tell me how my acne looks.. It has imroved since i took thi
  11. I've just turned 15 years old and i have been plagued with horrible acne for the last 2 years. When i first got acne i was 13 and i automatically applied toothpaste, orange peels, tomatoes, lemon juice, emu oil and basically everything to my acne. Now my skin feels smooth but i have horrible red marks that will NOT go away. They've been here for about a year now and will NOT FADE! been on tetralysl and lymecycline but neither worked.. I barely leave tue house and my family are really worried abo
  12. they fade over time.. im stuck with mine to but mine are more severe.. yoi actually have really nice skin eating fresh fruit and veggies and drinking green tea can help.
  13. has moisturiser/vaseline helped your acne marks any? im in desperaaaaaate need for a cure! Ive tried pretty much everything & my marks just seem to get worse i hope this works for you