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  1. Change the toothpaste you're using to fluoride free! Trust me, give it a month or two and it will start to clear up. Not many people realise the effects fluoride has on skin - I spent years living with acne exactly like yours after a seemingly sudden outbreak, and tried treating it with everything I could find, before realising that the root cause was the toothpaste I'd been using. Try it!
  2. I had acne very similar to yours for years, before realising that it was actually the result of a fluoride allergy, caused by toothpaste. After I swapped to fluoride-free toothpaste, my acne cleared up within a month or so. Honestly, please please give it a go!
  3. If you have acne on either side of your chin or lower mouth then please read this - It may not be hormonal acne after all! For the past couple of years, I have struggled with (what I thought was) horrible hormonal acne below my mouth, on either side of my chin. It would sometimes go through phases of being more/less fierce, but was usually very prominent. The 'acne' consisted of several lumps/pustules, some of which were pussy and some of which weren't, but it was frequently itchy and painfu