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  1. well I've been on 20mg / day of accutane since the 12th, and things are going nicely. not noticing much in the way of side effects, except I'm a little more irritable, and my lips are chapping... but nice beautiful clear skin....and the left over's from before are healing....nothing new though In 1 month, I'm going to increase to 40mg / day of accutane.. and the funny thing....haha I've also been using the regimen while I've been on this too!, and I notice less peeling and redness than when
  2. yah it's annoying and frustrating that it doesn't last... one of the problems seems to lie with irritation from these products though. including the DKR. irritation causes breakouts. with Accutane, yah the side effects suck, but at least you have clear skin for a while and sometimes it goes into remission completely....which is a god send...but other times it doesn't work. it's impossible to tell what will happen. I'm starting on a low 20mg a day dose....but when I check back with my do
  3. no sh*t? I tried that for a couple weeks and my face started to break out..... and I've also read research stating some individuals are even going on LONG TERM microdoses of accutane for 1-2 years....until their pores and skin are properly functioning. I know the side effects of accutane are sht*ty but seriously.....what choices do any of us have? hey has anyone heard of this VICHY NormaDerm cream? what's it like?
  4. yah that post was really hard to understand... sorry I couldn't..../ didn't even attempt it. haha yah I know going on accutane for mild / moderate inflammatory acne is probably a "big gun" approach.... but as with everyone else, that I've been reading....I'm at my witts end.....fed up with it. period. the DKR works. I know it does. I've been on it since 2004. and I support everyone in this community 100%.... but I'm tired of buying creams, fighting with oils, potions, lotions, and elixe
  5. update. 05/10/07 going back on Accutane tuesday. 20mg /day dose. was last on it......hmm when I was 16 or 17..... we'll see how this round goes. hopefully I don't kill myself, have my joints explode, bleed out from the nose, or have my lips chap off... sorry to make humor..... but it's pretty pathetic the adverse effects of such a drug.. it's also very annoying having acne. and I'm at my witts end. I'm 24, I have other things in my life I need to worry about besides my F***king skin.
  6. yah it's possibly the Shea Butter in the moisturizer, funny I never noticed that ingredient before, and what's even stranger is that I've been clear with that moisturizer before... anyways....thanks for everyone's input. I'll continue to update.
  7. well I guess it was a mistake, because I started breaking out again...but not as bad as usual. I went off the regimen....because I get tired of flakey excessively dry skin that it causes. that NO moisturizer seems to cure.......very annoying. anyways.....that's my update for 05/08/07. back on the regimen again as of today.
  8. hey everyone! I left a post about a week ago, frustrated because I couldn't seem to get 100% clear. And My skin was RED, FLAKEY and DRY. Despite WHAT moisturizer I used.....including potions, lotions, oils and elxirs, all recommended. Well saturday evening I decided to quit everything all together. Starting sunday. (yes omg some of you gasp) everything...potions, lotions, creams, gels, elixers, oils. etc. And today is nearly 1 week later, and I haven't had a single new pimple. (well a couple
  9. thanks guys... I will give that a shot... my moisturizer brandy is supposidly a "cream gel"
  10. hey everyone.... I recently made a post a few weeks ago, because I wasn't 100% clear. The past month, of april, I've been battling mild breakouts...and I'm not sure why. I would say I'm probably 80% clear. In my previous forum, there was advice about my moisturizer, and cleanser. etc etc. I tried the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion, and I personally find it hard to apply, and quite greesy. I don't like the feeling of it, after it's applied and it doesn't take care of my redness or flakeyness.
  11. well, finally clear! 95-99% clear. I fixed the problem with the overdrying, basically I was using too harsh of a cleanser. I switched from the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, to the regular cetaphil cleanser. Things seem to be working nicely. Thanks Everyone for your help and encouragement. Good luck to everyone in their quest for clearer skin.
  12. Wow, u r cute!

    Nice skin.

  13. Everyone is entitled to an opinion here in these message boards. for starters, the author and this post hold some validity.....acne DOES make you obsessive, it can ruin your life. you ARE a slave to this regimen, people who say otherwise are in denial, denial is a common psychological defense mechanism. I've been on the regimen since 2004. That's 3 years. I'm 95% clear. I still face the occasional breakout and pimple, and I still have self esteem issues. I still have redness and dryness i