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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply Cecelia. I was given antiviral drugs by my doctor but not sure if they really did much to help. I ended up with impetigo all over my face, something that you get when the chicken pox spots get infected. This has left me with pot holes all over my face. So now, not only do I have loads and loads of acne, acne scars and red marks all over my face, I also have loads of pot holes to go with it. I went to the doctors and he said that there is nothing that can be done for
  2. Thank you for the replies both of you. I've really had enough. My chicken pox on my face, because of my acne, has all gone infected. This means that all the spots are going to scar. I have loads and loads of chicken pox spots on my face. I've been so careful with my acne over the years and have really looked after my face. I did everything I could to try and prevent scarring. I used to be so worried about my large pores all over my face. What am I going to do. I hate my life. I'm 27 and nev
  3. Hi, I'm not sure what forum to post this in, so sorry if it's the wrong one. I'm 27 and have had severe acne all over my body since I've been 9. Anyway, woke up the other day covered in blisters -chicken pox! I have thousands of the things, and with that and my acne I look a right state. All over my face, scalp, back, chest, neck, arms, etc, where all my severe acne is also. My face is also bright red and it's so painful. I was worried about my acne scars, but now what am I going to be left l
  4. Looking in the mirror makes me feel upset and depressed. I try and avoid looking in mirrors the best that I can. I really hate changing room mirrors -they don't just show up all of my spots, redness and scars, but they show up how I've tried to plaster myself in make-up to try and hide the above, and where my make-up has gone all funny and patchy, etc, because of the state of my face. I am not sure whether this is how I look all of the time or whether it's just the lighting in changing rooms.
  5. Thank you for your reply sweetheart. I have seen a dermatologist in the past and have tried roaccutane, but that did nothing at all for me. I asked my doctor to refer me back recently, but he says that there is nothing else that a dermatologist can do. I was offered dianette, the contraceptive pill, but am affraid to take it cause of the side effects. Snowflakes x
  6. Aw. My face always looks different when I have a passport photo taken. I recently had to have one taken for my student card and I'm embarrassed to show it to anyone because my face looks twice as long (my face is quite long already), making me look like a horse, lol. Snowflakes x
  7. Thank you for the replies everyone. I've had acne since I've been around 10 years old. People, ever since my acne started to form, have always told me not to worry cause I'll eventually grow out of it (cause they did), but I'll soon be 30 and I haven't yet and have had no life. I used to have large spots all over my face along with tiny bumps all over my nose, and this has left me with lots of scarring, large pores and a permanently red and pigmented face. I know it sounds silly, but my face l
  8. Hello everyone, just sick and tired of it all now. No matter what products I use or what make-up I apply, no matter how much time and money I spend, my face is just absolutely disgusting. I'm 27 and have never had a boyfriend, and I considered joining a dating site the other day -I spent hours trying to make myself look as good as I could, so that I could take a photo of myself to upload, but every single one looked revolting -red face, uneven surface, loads of scars, and worst of all, you co
  9. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone else here is affraid to try new or different products in case it causes a massive breakout of acne? This has happened to me before, as I'm sure it has to many others. The products that I am using at the moment aren't really helping, although it does leave my acne stable, so I was browsing the shops yesterday, looking for a different type or make of product -I kept on picking things up and then putting them back down again, because I was worried that it migh
  10. "ACNEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" "dot-to-dot" "be careful, her volcanoes might errupt!" "eww, look at all that bacteria on her face" "Halloween is over, you can take your mask off now" "oxycute 'em" "when was the last time you washed your face?" "just wash your face" That's just a few that I can think of at the moment. And don't you just hate it when people who don't suffer from acne generally make suggestions on what you should do -like they say, why don't you use such and such a product (u
  11. Hello, I'm 27 and have never even been asked out for a drink, never mind been kissed or anything like that. I've been turned down by those that I've asked out. I think I'll be single for life because of my extensive acne and scarring. Snowflakes x
  12. Hi everyone, I don't know whether I'm posting this in the right place, lol, but I was just wondering whether any of you have any particular types of food that makes your acne worse? I've found that I cannot eat citrus fruits, like oranges, as these make my acne really bad -this is really annoying cause I love oranges (and orange juice). I told my dermatologist about this and he didn't believe me, he said that there is no evidence that your diet makes acne worse. So I'm just wondering whether
  13. Hiya! Yeah I find that I always look at the ground and also can never look anyone in the eyes, because I don't want anyone to see my face. My parents used to always say that I am ignorant for doing this, when in fact I am not at all. I always wear clothes that cover my body up and also can never wear my hair up nice cause I have to use it to cover up the sides of my face and forehead. I think that I would be a completely different person if it wasn't for my acne.
  14. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your kind replies. I will certainly try out Dan's Regimen, as I have been reading up on it and it does sound quite effective for a lot of people (probably not me though!). Regarding the clothes, I do usually buy clothes that cover my neck, chest and arms, but here in the UK clothes like this seem to be unfashionable and so it is difficult to find a shop that sells them. I hate clothes shopping, it depresses me, cause I find loads of clothes that I like