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  1. Improvements sure, but not enough. I guess I have to do multiple sessions of each treatment for maximum improvement and it will take a long time. That's what I'm gonna do. Anyway, no one can answer my question?
  2. Hey guys, I have done subcision followed immediately by fr laser some months ago as my first round of treatment. Then after a month and a half, I had a TCA cross session and my doctor wanted to do another session two weeks after but based on what I had read in here I knew it takes up to even three month for the cross technique to heal and do it's job so I didn't go for that session. I want to wait a full three month until my next cross session. Now it's been two month and my question is : can
  3. Thanks Cali and Sky. Cali what percentage are you using? And do you wash anytime after or do you just let it sit on your face? Sky I'm not so sure about changing to a lower percentage because I have super oily skin and I've been on accutane before so I have a serious condition which is now under control with BP 10%. What about you? Do you wash your face after applying BP or not? Because it leaves a white pattern all over my face.
  4. Hi, I'm using Pangel's benzoyl peroxide 10% for a few months now. I use it once a day before bed and wash in the morning. I want to change my dosage to twice a day because from morning to night when I don't have bp on my face it gets super oily and acne will follow. So how do you guys use bp twice a day? At what times do you apply it and when do you wash? Thanks in advance.
  5. No, my face has always been like this. I always had oily skin and It's not something that happened after using bp. I just want to know how to minimize the oil producing process during the day when I don't have bp on my face. Anyway I can't cut down my bp as it has given me good results and it controls my breakouts. Thanks for the reply though.
  6. So I'm a 24 year old male with super oily skin. I've been on accutane before. Right now I'm only using Benzoyle Proxide 10%. I wash my face twice a day, once at nights before applying benzoyle proxide and once in the morning to wash off the Benzoyle Proxide. It's all good from the time I apply my bp on my face until I wash it in the morning. But from morning to night it gets super oily and it's really irritating. What can I use throughout the day to prevent my face from becoming too oily