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  1. I've stopped drinking coffee for the last 3 or 4 months now. Every now and then I get the urge to have a cup of tea and find myself making one but when I take a sip of it I find it horrible and end up pouring it out anyway. Does anyone else find this... i don't understand it. Also I used to ahve a heaped teaspoon of sugar in my tea and drank around 5 cups a day, so that's around 5 teaspoons of sugar on top of the caffeine, is that bad?
  2. Interesting, i wonder how much of this article is actually truth though.
  3. If that's true how come acne only comes during and after puberty... and for most people goes after puberty? If acne was a digestion problem then why does it only happen after puberty? I'm not really sure I should be asking you this question as your not my doctor.
  4. Girls should not be allwoed to wear make-up, their should be strict rules on what items they can and can't wear.
  5. I noticed that too after eating a rasberry icelolly! My teeth looked so white. Why not try a pale rasberry coloured lippy? Or... how about just buying some raspberries and mushing one and then smear it on your lops after using ur lip balm, no oen can say ur wearing lipstick because your not!
  6. Molly, don't worry about it... it happens to everyone lol... I'm particuarly sensitive to it lol. You jsut gotta "Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off, shake shake shake it off!... You jsut got SHAKE IT OOOOOOOOFF!".
  7. That totally makes sense with cats, you'd think cats are so uncivilized that they just fight with kittens like they would an adult cat, but they actually don't surprisingly.
  8. I've been taking Cod Liver Oil, for the last 6 months... the statement above scared me. Should I stop taking cod liver oil?
  9. I was reading an article that said, eating less refined carbs liek potatoes and bread and to get them from vegetables instead and eating lots of Fish and white meat is veyr good for the skin. Is this true? Source: http://health.discovery.com/centers/health...cs/dietdos.html
  10. Why do you people aim to ahve bowel movements, what's the benefit to have loads?
  11. i just found this article becasue im having this problem where not enough oxygen is getting to my brain, possibly because of low blood pressure, possibly because of internal bleeding (black stools) so anyways, I just thought some people might find it helpful, I thought the part about the hydrogen peroxide was pretty cool, but thanks for calling me crazy. How did you find out that you're not getting enough oxygen.
  12. come on someone must use it please!! (i know i'm impatient aren't i) Hey, I use the Moisturizing Foaming Facial Wash "Softens & Conditions" what a joke. Anyway to me it's jsut a cleanser that removes the oil off my face, that's how Is ee face washes now... I mean what more can i say? If I didn't have oily skin i'd probably not even wash my face, but I can't stand going to bed in my pillow with oily skin *cringes*. Anyway it foams nicely, it's got a nice texture to it aswell but overa
  13. Are you a doctor? Cos your claiming all these theories as true. Whatever. My skin isn't dry after this, I was hoping it WOULD BE!! Also how HOT does the water have to be? So that your face is red after? OR just as hot as is comfrtable?
  14. VERY interesting. I'm going to start this tonight. I have very oily skin and was hoping that the soaking would actually reduce the amoun of oil on my skin throughout the day. How is the oil on your face after the soaking?
  15. I was wondering if someoen can tell me the good and abd acne foods. Also foods which help inflammatory acne and foods that cause it. Thankyou.
  16. I really really need to find a cleanser instead of switching products everytime my current one runs out. I don't really care what brand or make it is or if it's drying... all I care is that it won't block my pores, cause spots and it can be picked up in the UK in a chemist or supermarket not something that I have to order online. Anyone know of one?
  17. Exactly I did the exact same thing. I had a liason of acne on my forehead and my skin there is marked with all different kinds of pigmentation. Sorry that you had to hear the negativity but I think it's being realistic. I still have some brown marks on my feet from when I cut myself when i was around seven which is 10 years ago.
  18. That depends on who you are. If you have white, sensitive skin, then sun exposure will make you age very fast. On the other hand, my father has worked in the sun five days a week for the last 25 years with no sunscreen and has completely unwrinkled, evenly colored skin, despite being nearly 50 years old. The reason being he's damn near black, so his skin is naturally protected. If you can handle the sun exposure, go for it. If you cannot, then don't. I agree with the first part of that, bu
  19. I'm in the same boat. Basically I have them and I don't see them ever fading. So what i am doing now is rigorious treatment in order to prevent new spots. Also I don't pick or touch my face in order to avoid marks that STAY and scar permanently dark.
  20. Eat Pizza = Get a Pizza face. You cana wlays tell who eats pizza cos they start looking like one. Not really
  21. Don't listen to people telling you not to get treatment. Not only does that put undue suffering on your it also is unecessary and can lead to scarring. You need to visit your doctor and they'll give you a treatment to suit your needs in order to control it.
  22. It's weird how some people have more facial hair etc. Is it to do with being a high testosterone male?
  23. I'm 17 in 4 days. And yes I live somewhere like Antarctica called England it's so cold in the winter and boilingly hot in summer.